Why The Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships Are Difficult And Amazing 

Tom Scott
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About once a year, on the Oosterscheldekering barrier in the south of the Netherlands, there is NK Tegenwindfietsen: a bicycle race cycling into a headwind. This year it was 120km/h: this is why it's so difficult, and also why it's so brilliant.
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10 feb. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Tom Scott
Tom Scott 8 dagen geleden
I would like to formally apologise to all the people of the Netherlands for absolutely butchering the pronunciation of your language.
TrialByStone 7 uur geleden
It's alright we forgive you.
deanmoncaster Dag geleden
The Dutch do the same so never fear.
rick mos
rick mos 2 dagen geleden
Ah it's all good, Dutch pronunciation is difficult tbh
Max S
Max S 2 dagen geleden
Je wordt vergeven makker.
Istrafinq_ Ingmar
Istrafinq_ Ingmar 2 dagen geleden
Dont worry 😂
Jae Dot
Jae Dot Uur geleden
Bloody cyclists
Matthew Menze
Matthew Menze 3 uur geleden
Were they not allowed to adjust the saddle height? If they could have gotten a full leg stroke, and the height enough to get some sort of tuck, it would have been only overwhelmingly miserable, instead entirely miserable.
Benjamain 3 uur geleden
This is great!
Shadow Fall
Shadow Fall 5 uur geleden
That's a really good wind sock
Simply The Best
Simply The Best 6 uur geleden
My thighs literally hurt just by watching this
Simply The Best
Simply The Best 6 uur geleden
God made the Earth, but the Dutch made the Netherlands
Neal B
Neal B 6 uur geleden
Nooit verwacht slijptol te zien op dit kanaal.
Christopher Mills
Christopher Mills 7 uur geleden
'15 years since studying high school physics'... leave it out son
Jurjen Verbruggen
Jurjen Verbruggen 8 uur geleden
Nobita Nobi
Nobita Nobi 10 uur geleden
2:16 Greta Thunberg participating
mxamiss5 11 uur geleden
English soft power
genevieve Bee
genevieve Bee 13 uur geleden
Legendary Microphone
diungy alisnr
diungy alisnr 18 uur geleden
something amazing and you proof mother nature you're stronger
Ashton Smith
Ashton Smith 20 uur geleden
Why tf did i think they were racing by blowing air with their lungs going backwards on a bike
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz Dag geleden
That's just wind, in Ireland it always rains horizontally!😁
diungy alisnr
diungy alisnr 18 uur geleden
Anyone Strava this event?
Peepee poopoo
Peepee poopoo Dag geleden
the translation is a bit wrong, it is: here do the moon, wind and we go over the tide. Great video tho!
Devin Vanvliet
Devin Vanvliet Dag geleden
Hoeveel procent van de kijkers zal er niet nederlands zijn?
Quilt Dag geleden
He's getting old! No!
Greg Dinert
Greg Dinert Dag geleden
I can't believe they let riders without helmets.
Edwin Jansen
Edwin Jansen Dag geleden
You made my day when you pronounced those difficult Dutch words! 😉 Respect that you tried!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Dag geleden
something amazing and you proof mother nature you're stronger
Gunks Hunter
Gunks Hunter Dag geleden
Go the opposite direction and bag that Strava KOM
MyTwoCents Dag geleden
Looks like a good enough reason to visit the Netherlands as any!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Dag geleden
They should race the other way to see how fast they can get too
KDaKing Dag geleden
8 and a half kilometers? I can walk further than that.
Ruheschrei Dag geleden
Now I want to ride there..... :{
The Cereal Guy
The Cereal Guy Dag geleden
deanmoncaster Dag geleden
Weatherman "there's a storm a coming with westerly winds" Netherlands "let's set up a bike rack and race into it" Weatherman "sorry I meant easterly" BREAKING NEWS A DUTCHMAN HAS JUST SET A WORLD LAND SPEED RECORD ON A BICYCLE!!
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Dag geleden
We all know the true purpose of the damn was for bike races. Flood control was just to get the funding
emerysteele Dag geleden
Very aerodynamic
Anyone Strava this event?
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Dag geleden
Brit in EU?
Kal El
Kal El Dag geleden
They should invite Donald Trump
PjotrSpot 2 dagen geleden
Dutchmen in everyday life: Jan Jansen, Piet Visser, Henk de Jong. Dutchman in this video: ROBRECHT STOEKENBROEK
butti fdft
butti fdft 2 dagen geleden
A storm is coming! The British: CLOSE ALL AIRPORTS! The Germans: Cancell all trains! The Dutch:
zimmie meijers
zimmie meijers 2 dagen geleden
New idea for an video, way did computer’s and program ‘s freeze or crash an why is this not happening these day’s
butti fdft
butti fdft 2 dagen geleden
further back than the line perpendicular to the road
Brent Gauspohl
Brent Gauspohl 2 dagen geleden
As a U.S. expat living in Antwerp for the past seven years, the longer I am here, the more I wish I had gone to the NL instead. Damn I love the Dutch.
Predrag Grujic
Predrag Grujic 2 dagen geleden
That guy that is being interviewed looks and sounds like Mr. Robot (Elliot's father) without beard and glasses
Jacob Roman
Jacob Roman 2 dagen geleden
I happen to be in the Netherlands for study abroad right now and I have to say biking against the wind is an experience like no other.
Prich038 2 dagen geleden
They should race the other way to see how fast they can get too
Ammar Abbasi
Ammar Abbasi 2 dagen geleden
That's nothing compared to Storm Ciara
a. barker
a. barker 2 dagen geleden
I've ridden the head winds on the outer Banks on rental bikes. None of the 30 bikes rode back, in the head winds. But I made it back. I rode back through the trees. 100 meters inland. But the last block popped out before the rental stand. Too great cheers.
Kai Mitchell
Kai Mitchell 2 dagen geleden
Waiiit... are you greying Tom??
Dance Party
Dance Party 2 dagen geleden
Multorum Unum
Multorum Unum 2 dagen geleden
0:36 Where the hell did this broken Dutch come from
большие сиськи
I want to pet that mic
Luky0805 2 dagen geleden
*Brit in EU?*
Astigmatisme 2 dagen geleden
so we went from force-stopping water to building noise-cancelling triangles and finally to wind-cycling sport i love the dutch
leyn39 2 dagen geleden
after the finish line there was an official vomit area where contenders could throw up if needed
Daithi de Roiste
Daithi de Roiste 2 dagen geleden
Climate change anxiety eliminated ..... for eight kilometres. Viva la Dutch.
Rodrigo Rivas
Rodrigo Rivas 2 dagen geleden
Uhhhhh Zeeland
linguaphile 2 dagen geleden
I once a randomly witnessed group of like twenty people doing a ‘very serious’ bicycle race with the aim of finishing last without stepping on the ground or going into a direction further back than the line perpendicular to the road
my yellow wise rug
my yellow wise rug 2 dagen geleden
The Dutch are phenomenal.
Lachlan Hatcher
Lachlan Hatcher 2 dagen geleden
Just go with the wind ffs
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 dagen geleden
have never felt so much pain.
DontMockMySmock 2 dagen geleden
"here the tide is ruled by the wind, the moon, and us" fuckin badass
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 dagen geleden
I love the Dutch, they're so gloriously, beautifully mental. Gives me hope for the future of humanity.
Zach Durocher
Zach Durocher 3 dagen geleden
Would be fun to do it backwards
Biggles Pancyclosis
Biggles Pancyclosis 3 dagen geleden
Do you have to be Dutch to participate? I MUST
alabaster 3 dagen geleden
Man's diligence conquers nature
SuicideBunny6 3 dagen geleden
The irony is that it got cancelled because of too much strong wind haha
Jon ishy
Jon ishy 3 dagen geleden
It's a serious thing with permissions and everything. Haha liked just for that
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