Why I Don't Like Reading 

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does this make me dumb :(

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Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 49 minuten geleden
*DIO wants to know your location*
Milo Dimont
Milo Dimont 50 minuten geleden
Also I'm 10
Jordan Fleming
Jordan Fleming 50 minuten geleden
Plz plz plz read skulduggery pleasant. It's an easy read.
Zac Glassman
Zac Glassman 50 minuten geleden
Micayla Gonzalez
Micayla Gonzalez 50 minuten geleden
Readers may I suggest a book? Any book by Mary Downing Hahn. I read: One for sorrow Deep and dark and dangerous Took Guest All the lovely bad ones
Kimberly Danggler
Kimberly Danggler 50 minuten geleden
Congrats on trending maam
{ Spinel }
{ Spinel } 50 minuten geleden
Jaiden:Reading Books Libraries Yo:No Entiendo Pero Me Encantan Todos Sus Videos :3
Nazar Elsayed elhagfarah
Nazar Elsayed elhagfarah 50 minuten geleden
cool i also like books my favorite book is gravity falls comics.
lilwurm 69
lilwurm 69 50 minuten geleden
Best book is the book thief by Markus zuzak
Marit Thorson
Marit Thorson 50 minuten geleden
(i still recommend the land of stories series)
Drunken Delver
Drunken Delver 50 minuten geleden
I like reading, or rather, I say that I do, but I don't read books on the regular. I think I might have a similar thing going on with bad association. For instance, I feel like if I had read Frankenstein on my own, I probably would have loved it, but since there was the pressure of taking notes on characters, themes, and symbolism, I inherently enjoyed it much less. And yet I still ended up with a penchant for analyzing the stories of certain games and shows later on in life anyway. However, that was because I gravitated toward it on my own. The only books I've read recently have been Ready Player One and Armada by Ernest Cline, and those have to do with video games, so how much does it really count? ;w;
David Gileo
David Gileo 51 minuut geleden
I kinda get how you feel,i LOVE reading but the second a teacher forces me to read a book i never asked for i get super stubborn.its the same with art,when teachers pass out an art assignment there always like: "oH dOn't yOU DraW yOu wouLd lOovE THiS asSignMenT" And it makes me want to tear the paper in half right in front of them
Frank Morales
Frank Morales 51 minuut geleden
A can like this this
Sour MoonShine
Sour MoonShine 51 minuut geleden
Loving animal crossing it's so relaxing and nice to come back to after being "essential" at work. 5548-5998-2958
Marit Thorson
Marit Thorson 51 minuut geleden
Congrats on trending btw
Jax Gates
Jax Gates 51 minuut geleden
Jaidens mom: have you read today? Jaiden: no Jaidens mom: that’s illeagal
Sam PD
Sam PD 51 minuut geleden
Where did you get the wall of text? It seems unlikely that you wrote it because: a) It was written sometime in 2019 b) The author said that most of their memories were made in the 2010's decade, making them a teenager. c) The author kept talking about their annoying sister and what she was doing, and I don't recall you having a younger sister d) The author's sister took the keyboard and got in about a sentence in which she said: "I'm his sister." You're not a him. e) The author admits to being a furry. Did you even read that before putting it in the video?
ToriDa WOLF 51 minuut geleden
Finally someone who understands about reading. Like there are only certain books I can read
synthhh 52 minuten geleden
More nuzlocke?
Planet-light353 52 minuten geleden
Reading stresses me out too much.
Marit Thorson
Marit Thorson 52 minuten geleden
I love animal crossing!!!
Nawaf Abdullah
Nawaf Abdullah 52 minuten geleden
ur number one in trending
Robby Pancakes
Robby Pancakes 52 minuten geleden
Wanna know who else doesn't like books and reading? Carol F*ckin Baskin!
Lauren Perfetto
Lauren Perfetto 52 minuten geleden
Congrats on number one on trending
Magnificent_Music_ 52 minuten geleden
1 on trending
Mr Waddles
Mr Waddles 52 minuten geleden
If you take the first word of this video (not counting ads) and take the last word of this video (not counting ads or the end card ), and you put both words together..... it becomes............... *Reading Tea*
king subway
king subway 52 minuten geleden
Weren't you sponsored by audible.???
Lu X
Lu X 52 minuten geleden
My friend code is 832963572693
Artsylicious 52 minuten geleden
"I like my coffee the way I like my subtlety. Splashed in my face." - JaidenAnimations 2020
Glacha Gal
Glacha Gal 53 minuten geleden
Nolys1802 53 minuten geleden
A woman S he has P hollen A nto the R iver A nd G us U nder S tuart
Dylan YEn
Dylan YEn 53 minuten geleden
Plz do a another video on Pokemon nuzlocke but different one like Pokemon Gold and asilver
Father Bb
Father Bb 53 minuten geleden
Reading is like playing a tablet but S L O W E R
CameronScott 8888
CameronScott 8888 53 minuten geleden
As an avid reader, this should be the most unrelatable video but it's still super entertaining to me
Summer Hathaway
Summer Hathaway 53 minuten geleden
katie is a retard
katie is a retard 53 minuten geleden
I also HATE reading. Especially when you have to read aloud for a teacher. When I have to I just end up crying 👍
Samuel Blair
Samuel Blair 53 minuten geleden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="207">3:27</a> Jaiden likes FF7!
Pearse McGinley
Pearse McGinley 53 minuten geleden
Literally did both ur suggestions
schuuichiminamino 53 minuten geleden
After you've been on youtube for so long, every comment you think of commenting, you give up half way.
Hugo Gun
Hugo Gun 53 minuten geleden
True happiness is the present itself
SomeThingGingyYt 54 minuten geleden
you should read war and peace
Elis ppp
Elis ppp 54 minuten geleden
I like redeing😊
Lunarla 123
Lunarla 123 54 minuten geleden
Maiden's friend list: normally 100% active Me: "Now that, *is what I call a miracle* "
Brandon Delos Santos
Brandon Delos Santos 54 minuten geleden
Nice one on being JAMES by saying asparagus instead of pterodactyl. Nice one :3
Brandon Delos Santos
Brandon Delos Santos 51 minuut geleden
I loike asparagus
The pie Zaa
The pie Zaa 54 minuten geleden
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 54 minuten geleden
Yay Jaiden #1! :D go Jaiden! c:
Old spice man
Old spice man 54 minuten geleden
As a 10 year old I read all of the first season of Percy Jackson books in two days
Hamza Saleem
Hamza Saleem 54 minuten geleden
All your videos go #1 trending . Congratulations 🎉🎊🍾
Adriana Klim
Adriana Klim 54 minuten geleden
Have you tried something like comics?
Britney Brock
Britney Brock 54 minuten geleden
Im kinda like Jaiden but I like reading
Sripathi Rao
Sripathi Rao 55 minuten geleden
I hate spelling
Blinxmeme Vid
Blinxmeme Vid 55 minuten geleden
Why not graphic novels?
[ Andretti ]
[ Andretti ] 55 minuten geleden
Man, Animal Farm is the shit
Sparkle Kitty Girls
Sparkle Kitty Girls 55 minuten geleden
Hey hey Jaiden your #1 on trending!
Tristin Terrell
Tristin Terrell 55 minuten geleden
Bro u be #1 on trending good job!
Heart Feathers
Heart Feathers 55 minuten geleden
Try some RPGs with good storytelling. You might like that better than just reading books and depending on the game it can have a lot of the same elements. Heck Animal Crossing has a lot of reading. You've got character personalities and every time you let bathers talk he's teaching you something.
Fish army 2020
Fish army 2020 55 minuten geleden
I hate books
iFSpec 56 minuten geleden
I am this video. Well except for the listening to music part. I like listening to music as well as YT/Twitch when doing work. It just helps me not zone out. Also #1 on Trending Also shoutout to Ryukahr
starry night
starry night 56 minuten geleden
atm this video is #1 on trending
Princely 56 minuten geleden
jaiden hit the books....Thomas Sanders vine
soviet boi
soviet boi 56 minuten geleden
Me: sees <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:01</a> Me then:(Soviet Anthem starts to play)
Madyan Arrashy
Madyan Arrashy 56 minuten geleden
Remember. She wrote probably like 3 pages of script for this video with probably some cancelled scripts.
Milo Dimont
Milo Dimont 56 minuten geleden
My friend code is 031733664417(I don't have animal crossing)
PixelaGames2000 56 minuten geleden
Ok so here’s a funny story regarding the subject of reading Growing up I couldn’t read I could barely read why you ask because I have dyslexia so I didn’t read books I would always have my parents read them to me and yeah I couldn’t even read the Bible and my family is Christian so instead I just watched veggie tales to learn about god anyway one thing that helped me get better at reading was actually playing video games like the legend of Zelda sense the zelda games have a lot a text in them and you basically have to read it to understand what’s going on and what to do next and yeah zelda helped me get better at reading so thanks zelda now I can read pretty freakin well now sometimes I have trouble reading or spelling but that’s because of the dyslexia
EpicBassSlapper 504
EpicBassSlapper 504 57 minuten geleden
Lize Botha
Lize Botha 57 minuten geleden
I love reading, but I agree with you, when teachers or university lecturers give us prescribed books that are compulsory to read, it it gets really boring. I have two books for university I have to read and I read one half way but stopped because it was incredibly boring
Vijinder Paul Saini
Vijinder Paul Saini 57 minuten geleden
Diary of a wimpy kid
StarShadow Gacha and Games
StarShadow Gacha and Games 57 minuten geleden
Congrats for number 1 on trending!
Sowmya Reddy
Sowmya Reddy 57 minuten geleden
Wow I'm always late
Nolys1802 57 minuten geleden
"Fuck you, you and your keurig"
ThatHappyOldMan 57 minuten geleden
yep, unpopular opinion, but i guess is like videogames, they're not for everyone.
Ali Gaming
Ali Gaming 57 minuten geleden
You should read the Tom gates books because they are nice
wolfygirl143 sanders
wolfygirl143 sanders 57 minuten geleden
No it does not make you dumb jaiden 🤗
SeaweedRain 57 minuten geleden
I think that's the exact reason why I never did projects on the Percy Jackson series... so I wouldn't end up hating it because I was forced to do projects on them School really killed reading for me, huh? The last time I picked up a book was when I was traveling abroad and I had no wifi so I just read previously downloaded books on my phone while traveling or before bed in places with no wifi
aleakc02 57 minuten geleden
#1 on trending YES.
Karly the Nerd
Karly the Nerd 57 minuten geleden
I used to love reading as a young kid. My parents used to read to me all the time as a baby, and once I was old enough to read on my own I read ALL THE TIME. But I’m fourth grade everyone was forced to read 40 books in just that school year. Not only that, but we were forced to write about them, and read a certain amount of books from each genre. I hated it. As if I didn’t hate reading enough after that, I’m fifth grade we were forced to read 20 minutes every evening after we got home and document it. I hated that as well. I’m now in 6th grade, and we finally aren’t forced to read. We have about 15 minutes of free reading time every day, but at least I don’t have to do anything after I read my book. I’m finally starting to love reading again. I have found a few good looking books that I bought and plan on starting after I finish my current book. If anyone is looking for a book recommendation I recommend The Goldfinch. It’s really good :)
Kitsco 45
Kitsco 45 57 minuten geleden
Oh thank fucking Goodness I’m not alone. I also did the “place bookmark in random place to make it look like I’ve read farther”
Jason Brabant
Jason Brabant 58 minuten geleden
I swear we can read a book about a cat eating and my teacher would turn it into a life lesson
Frazix 58 minuten geleden
I don’t like reading to, it’s just to much words.
Nebulosity 58 minuten geleden
Well to each their own. I love to read all the time. The beginning is soooooo boring though. It takes a while to get to the good part.
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