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The latest on coronavirus: Trump fibs about a potential cure, governors take action, and spring break gets canceled. Also, Jaboukie Young-White checks in on Trevor during self-quarantine. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #JaboukieYoungWhite
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Kyle Genaro
Kyle Genaro 3 uur geleden
He said there's no doorknobs... Damn
Keysha Reyes
Keysha Reyes 11 uur geleden
Trevor looks so happy everytime he sees Jaboukie
wiz khalifa
wiz khalifa 14 uur geleden
Break the chaine
YaRlykonfuse 16 uur geleden
Whenever Trevor gets called old I feel that so hard... Many Millenials are now in that age when they are not young anymore but still not old? ... I feel so old and I'm still at the beginning of the 30s.
Scipio Africanus
Scipio Africanus Dag geleden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="147">02:27</a> Trump would be saying "So true. So true."
Thomas Hanner
Thomas Hanner Dag geleden
Just say no to drugs kids!
Thomas Hanner
Thomas Hanner Dag geleden
Trump is retarded, so what does that say about his supporters? How can they continue to believe Trump, how can they continue to support him? how dumb are they???
aditya meshram
aditya meshram Dag geleden
at least u could have flipped the book, trevor
Daniel Steerforth
Daniel Steerforth Dag geleden
Two weeks after this video...Chloroquine still may be an effective and cheap drug for Coronaviral infections but the pharmaceuticals will convince you otherwise! Mainly by publishing how people die after swallowing fish tank cleaner tablets. Then blame it on Trump ...
MsOnTopOfTheWorld Dag geleden
Why did you give Corona a British accent, nah ?? 🙆🏾‍♀️😆
sellie sellie
sellie sellie 2 dagen geleden
Gosh! The video on the spring outing got me questioning, is this how white people can think? Cos over the years you have paraded yourself as the wisest of the human species.
Abhi 2 dagen geleden
coronavirus drug: Trump seeks Modi's help to release Hydroxychloroquine ordered by US to treat COVID-19 patients - The Economic Times
king zing
king zing 2 dagen geleden
If that treatment works .....what will they say then...this is all bullshit!!!
Cj B
Cj B 2 dagen geleden
He doesn't like Trump, but there is a photo of Trevor hanging out with a Far Left Communist Leader of South Africa that regularly spew hate speech and on how they want to kill the minority in South Africa.Trevor is the hypocrite and hack.
Raina Raina
Raina Raina 2 dagen geleden
Coronavirus should with America accents not British accent by the way.
MsOnTopOfTheWorld 2 dagen geleden
I know they're acting, but that Trevor/Jabouki exchange was just hi-la-rious!! 😄 Both very cute too 😍 Oh and Trevor, I totally feel you. You know you're fun and hip, but just because you're a few years older, they treat you like you're old or something. My son is exactly the same! 🙄😄
Anime Otaku
Anime Otaku 2 dagen geleden
Is that really the President of the U.S.... He has the brain of a fish and a memory of a chicken
mz tech
mz tech 2 dagen geleden
He should be called DJ Trump
Honey Wook
Honey Wook 3 dagen geleden
You were reading a book upside down....
Victoria Grahm
Victoria Grahm 3 dagen geleden
YOU FUCKING Lunatics and Sociopaths in the Media and Hollywood would rather people DIE than to know about this CURE that professional TOLD Trump about simply because HE was the one that said it...THOUSANDS of people are being healed from this virus with the Chloroquine and Z-Pack all OVER THE WORLD you ass whipe.. As if your stupid ass knows anything or has ANY information in REAL TIME.. Check out these videos below and see that Trump was RIGHT..
Victoria Grahm
Victoria Grahm 3 dagen geleden
The French and Dr. Oz are all over it.. WAKE up people.. Trevor is a Hollywood talk show host.. He is NOT here to give you truth...
Victoria Grahm
Victoria Grahm 3 dagen geleden
Good thing this man wasn't watching Trevor the Idiot so full of Trump derangement syndrome that he is trying to STOP people from finding about this cure
Kaye Smith
Kaye Smith 3 dagen geleden
I just paid my rent through the app wtf 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
VANESSA EKPE 3 dagen geleden
Your African accent is soooo sound.. Love you from Nigeria
Tomas W
Tomas W 3 dagen geleden
Trevor look this guy up and watch his story. Rio Giardinieri. Then say the med Trump mentioned was bulls#@$. Then ask yourself what a man of honor would do. Then do it. Good job on asking for donations to underprivileged. That is what a good social media platform should be used for. Jokes are good too but don't false witness. In this situation it could cost lives of people who follow you. If Rio wouldn't have asked two doctors for the meds he would tell you he would be dead. I know that if someone from your family gets sick you will ask for it as you should. It's called hydrochloroquine. My prayers of truth and health to everyone.
Ana lopez
Ana lopez 3 dagen geleden
You're I love your face is creepy dude. Stop your fake news, I'm glad you're not on work with you're fake news. Wifi at work, that tells me what you do at work...nothing
Kastro 876
Kastro 876 3 dagen geleden
Young and dumb kids.... Smh
Jaime Enrique Cruz
Jaime Enrique Cruz 4 dagen geleden
Youre full of Bullsh!t! Hahahahaha you don't know sh!t. Your content sucks! Hope you sleep well asshole.
Sarah Burnside
Sarah Burnside 4 dagen geleden
My Niece had COVID-19 in late January/February. They didn't know what was wrong with her. She's a Renal Patient so we were really worried. She had every thing the check list, Pneumonia, her lungs looked like Cotton Balls, she couldn't breathe and had to be intubated. She is on her 2nd Kidney Transplant, they had to give her a Dialysis treatment, now she is permanently on Dialysis and back on the list for a transplant. My Mom and I are still tripping they didn't what was wrong with her. We thank God she made it through and is back at work. People please take care of yourselves💖💖💖💖💐💐💐💐
The Rabble Rousing Pleiadian Dragon/Lion
Two words for you FUCK YOU. - OH AND - TRUMP/PENCE 2020
Manjula Nahasapemeliton
Manjula Nahasapemeliton 4 dagen geleden
Who is Jaboukie?
Vanessa Martini
Vanessa Martini 4 dagen geleden
omg these kids thooooooo what the hell did their parents do so wrong here. its a travesty that hey cared more for themselves & (getting splotchy skin) then anyone else. OH wait. thats America at its core isnt it? sadly.
Shweta Dash
Shweta Dash 4 dagen geleden
100% sure those Floridians voted for that orange idiot
Jerepasaurus 4 dagen geleden
Trevor's only 12 years older than Jabouki. lol
Beena Plumber
Beena Plumber 4 dagen geleden
I teach in a middle school (ages 11-14), and I swear Jaboukie is a student at my school. He looks like a lot of the kids there. (His voice is a little deeper though.) Trevor can't be his age, can he? He's an adult, right?
Mister Natural
Mister Natural 5 dagen geleden
Wasn't funny before and still ain't funny now...trevor the forceful humor type, fuck off back to south Africa u muppet. U babble like everyone else, well u run?..u try an do the president's job?..otherwise shut the fuck up. If there is no other plan to contain this other than staying indoors and keeping the world from turnin, see how many sarcastic dry ass jokes u can make when chaos is kicking in ur door to take ur "snacks".
buff samurai fred
buff samurai fred 5 dagen geleden
The drug works dumbass NOAH, maybe if you did more research of your own, rather than your dry comedy, you’d learn a thing or two.
matteo gottie
matteo gottie 5 dagen geleden
trump try to tell ya about china
Joseph White
Joseph White 5 dagen geleden
Coronavirus is deadly because once your immune response starts to defend against it the decay from affected cells causes inflammation usually in the lungs, this causes fluid to build in the alveoli (pneumonia) once this occurs saturation takes place you have to be put on a ventilator and 50% of ventilatedpatients die from the treatment. So go ahead spring breakers, party on. The world needs less social retards.
Steve Brown
Steve Brown 5 dagen geleden
Why don't y'all ignorant asses, leave our current and next prez alone. I know he will be a be a two term prez why ? Our Lord GOD Almighty. Told me in 2015 .this lying media are the liars if you don't like it take it up with our Heavenly Father. Trumps in Gods tool box,like it or not. Y'all will feel dumb in november. I hope all the people on this planet repent and turn from their sins.laugh burning in hell won't be funny. Don't like my comment? To bad.
Dj OpaL
Dj OpaL 5 dagen geleden
All those people like Trevor will be remember by history as heroes, you just don't realize it now REGARDS from Poland
Victoria Grahm
Victoria Grahm Dag geleden
#3 There are SO many doctors that say what this doctor is saying.. UNLESS of course you're a PAID off one with the Globalist and stand to make millions like Fauci from the WORLD Health
Victoria Grahm
Victoria Grahm Dag geleden
#2 Dr. Oz believes in this SO much he is investing his OWN money for more
Victoria Grahm
Victoria Grahm Dag geleden
@Itss.Jordynnn HowardWell Im not going to apologize for my tone TOWARDS the media OR Hollywood.. If you knew what I knew which you obviously DONT you would be infuriated too.. THOUSANDS of people all over the world are getting better very fast from CV19 using the drug combo Trump was told about from doctors using it.. He is telling the TRUTH BUT there is an agenda going on you are not even close to knowing about.. But people are being ALLOWED TO DIE because the Media does NOT want this Chloroquine to work.. The Bill Gates WORLDWIDE vaccine is the goal not a cheap 50 year old drug... But I can tell you are in the Matrix of the Globalist run Media and Hollywood.. You're a good little sheep.. And that I find sad.. If you REALLY want to know the TRUTH then do the research I've done.. So I will post just 2 or 3 video's of the 40 I've watched not to mention the articles Ive read and you can watch some truth.. #1
Ilyass Bouada
Ilyass Bouada Dag geleden
@Itss.Jordynnn Howard thank you. If there was a freaking cure we wouldn't be in this big mess
Itss.Jordynnn Howard
Itss.Jordynnn Howard 2 dagen geleden
@Victoria Grahm The fact that you honestly believe that is so sad to me. Trump literally got checked for making up the fact that there is a cure for the virus there ISNT!!! If there was I'm pretty sure we wouldn't almost be going into a depression right now. I still can't believe there are people like you in the world who honestly think Trump is a good person who cares about the citizens of this country......NEWS FLASH.....HE DOESN'T!! YOUR THE STUPID ASS HERE. oh and another thing there is a way to bring information to people and your way isn't going to help anyone. I just came at you exactly how you came at @Dj OpaL. Do better.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 5 dagen geleden
Hey! What do you know! you're wrong! Again! LOLOL! Trump will be a landslide victory in November. He will help us beat the virus, ,then rebuild the economy. Again! It will be easier than fixing Barry's fucking mess! LOL!
Sierra Gypsy
Sierra Gypsy 6 dagen geleden
The government should be paying for this, citizens should not be taking care of other citizens in this way, that’s one of the main points of the government
Keith M
Keith M 6 dagen geleden
Even though it’s American I really enjoyed that .. funny
rigomortisfxstudios 6 dagen geleden
Cassie 6 dagen geleden
I'm so emberassed to be an American in my 20s. The stupidity is unreal.
pranith geddapu
pranith geddapu 6 dagen geleden
of obama?
blackcurrantpop 6 dagen geleden
Best episode. I watch repeats of Trevor’s shows.
Iloveyou All
Iloveyou All 6 dagen geleden
Wow this finally made sense to me I mean These youths are the ones who selected the clown And now they are pretty much enjoying the circus 😅😅
Iloveyou All
Iloveyou All 6 dagen geleden
Wow this finally made sense to me I mean These youths are the ones who elected the clown And now they are pretty much enjoying the circus 😅😅
Cassie 6 dagen geleden
It's even worse. Went to the bank to take out my own money and the bank denied me. They said they are short of funds. What the hell. I cant even get my own money when I ne
Iloveyou All
Iloveyou All 6 dagen geleden
Wow this finally made sense to me I mean These youths are the ones who elected the clown And now they are pretty much enjoying the circus 😅😅
Iloveyou All
Iloveyou All 6 dagen geleden
Wow this finally made sense to me I mean These youths are the ones who selected the clown And now they are pretty much enjoying the circus 😅😅
Matt Toledo
Matt Toledo 6 dagen geleden
I made this Trevor! Hope u enjoy!
bananasplits1945 7 dagen geleden
if 200.000 or 240.000 are killed by the coronavirus in the coming months I put the whole blame on Donald Trump head,
bananasplits1945 4 dagen geleden
but i am right about this by the time this is over the Coronavirus will killed at least 240.000 People and to blame is Mr Donald Trump who will have their Blood on his hands and I think it would be justice if he get it just like all the rest of us will,
Roderick Nunyabizness
Roderick Nunyabizness 4 dagen geleden
In 1 month. 10,000 deaths a week minimum.
15 seconds of truth
15 seconds of truth 7 dagen geleden
You think you're funny, your the biggest fucking clown that should be taken off the air.
Truth Hurts Forever
Truth Hurts Forever 7 dagen geleden
The coronavirus on a disk because Donald Trump winning Patron you as a black man should shut the f****** because of Obama as a black man getting to a motherfuking thing in the eight years a presidency the only thing he got to accomplish with kids gay people write whatever that mean. Don't they got the Civil Rights already f****** dummy
Marie Rose
Marie Rose 7 dagen geleden
Ahhaaa yeah west side baby 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣aaaaah Trevor apana uko too much😁😁😁
Colleen Klatush
Colleen Klatush 7 dagen geleden
It infects anyone oh but hey I'm 21 don't want this????? Huh coronavirus to ruin spring break. Selfish just selfish they be ones spread this!!
ฝรั่งหัดพูดไทย WayneB Bram Farang Say's
This is a daily political broadcast! He's not funny either.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 7 dagen geleden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="402">6:42</a> Why does coronavirus have a British accent?
The Spectosphere
The Spectosphere 7 dagen geleden
And countries around the world are using “Trump’s BS cure.”
kabwe john
kabwe john 7 dagen geleden
Am i the only one that noticed Trevors book was upside down🤣🤣 reading the book, history of uhh... Lmao... Love you man
Cliona Oregan
Cliona Oregan 7 dagen geleden
the question is why is the virus british
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 7 dagen geleden
Is it just me, or Daily Show is just boring without its sitcom
mojo jojo
mojo jojo 7 dagen geleden
And the guy trevor is not funny at all. People have no brain. Trevor just have ADHD
Una Salus Victis
Una Salus Victis 8 dagen geleden
must suck to be you Trevor, since the FDA approved trumps "bullshit cure" fuck you must be one stupid fucker...
B K 8 dagen geleden
It's even worse. Went to the bank to take out my own money and the bank denied me. They said they are short of funds. What the hell. I cant even get my own money when I need it. That's BS.
Alexander's Wrestling Entertainment
Asshole Trevor is nice and young
jojomilles 8 dagen geleden
oh god one those kids is only a year older than me and it's embarrassing that i know more than her (then again im an introvert and have nothing to do outside of keeping myself updated and doing assignments for class)
TeamFTG 8 dagen geleden
LOL but he got it approved though. Hydroxychloroquin is approved.
Feather Black
Feather Black 8 dagen geleden
3 trumps later..... Trump: Nobody haven't seen this before! China: Well...we should probably talk about this.
Virgil Flores
Virgil Flores 8 dagen geleden
So now that the FDA is going to use Chloriquine, like Trump wanted, you look stupid Trevor. Trump didn't say it was a cure but it can be used to fight symptoms and pain. Chloriquine has been used for years. Its FDA approved and safe. Ive used it for arthritis. It can help corona victims with pain and symptoms. Thats why Trump was pushing for it to help victims. At least he had the insight to do so. So Trever do you have the insight to be man enough to admit you were wrong?
melody eisenberg
melody eisenberg 8 dagen geleden
Trump signed those bills. After the president has been telling everyone and Advising the whole world about social distancing and the CDC has recommended if you don't need to be out don't go out! Essential travel. Governor DeSantis made a statement he would not be closing the beaches for spring break. March 6th and 7th and 8th Spring Breakers in Florida were rampid. March 9th governor DeSantis declares state of emergency. Do you honestly think regardless of the timeline president Trump action or not people would have actually taking it seriously? The answer is clear, no because there's a huge majority that are not. Then, now, and until those individuals are either locked up or get serious it will spread. You sit there making jokes, doing cheesy impressions which are insulting to yourself and people that are dying, not to mention the ones that are putting their lives on the line are you stay safe in your house. Trump has taken action and the most serious and impacting. Many Officials havent initiated anything other than defiance. Were you influenced by Jerry Lewis because you remind me of the gimmick comic he played 2nd to leading man Dean Martin.
kgaccount 8 dagen geleden
Here is a breakdown of the “peak months of flu activity” over a 34-year period between 1982 and 2016: February was the peak month for flu activity in 14 of the 34 flu seasons, making it the most common month for peak flu activity. December followed February, with the highest flu activity in seven of the 34 flu seasons. March is third, with flu activity peaking this month in six seasons during the 34-season period. January was the least common month to facilitate peak flu activity, with the flu peaking this month in only five of the 34 flu seasons. We are past the time or if you want to go with March, almost THERE. Have hope! Even more encouraging,Back in 2017, the Center Disease Controls early estimates indicated that more than 900,000 people were hospitalized and more than 80,000 people Americans from flu last season. These new estimates are record-breaking, and emphasize the seriousness and severity of flu illness." Current Americans dead of covid-19 coronavirus this season are 2,860 as of today. Covid-19 is the same coronavirus (mutated and novel, of course) as SARS back in 2003. SARS outbreak lasted SIX months. And that was with nobody doing shelter in place, no schools, banks, businesses, etc shut down. So to recap, as of today, March 31, 2020, we are already at or over the PEAK of flu season. Covid came around, according to some experts, in December of 2019, hence the name COVID-19 as in 2019 it began. Worst case, the outbreak could therefore go into May-June. Unless we have 77,000 more deaths in USA, it won't surpass the 80,000 Americans who died in 2017 of influenza. Let's hope we can contain it with good infection control measures, sick people staying home, more testing available, more effective treatments to help those already infected. And let this be a reminder that we should be practicing infection control measures every year considering 80,000 AMericans died of influenza back in 2017. Sources:
Raman shrestha
Raman shrestha 8 dagen geleden
Lol...trump having the last laugh Trevor noah #fake_news Well it is a comedy show
Guindo Leopold
Guindo Leopold 8 dagen geleden
"Excuse me Sir, my name is corona. Would you mind if I comprise your immune system"?
Nadine Smith
Nadine Smith 8 dagen geleden
This AFRICAN has a job remember I am a % DECÈNDÀN no milk here Now you you have to be more Respectful to the county that has been feeding you why aren't you in THAT THIRD WORLD COUNTRY YOU'RE FROM ? YOU ARE OLD OLD
MoMok 8 dagen geleden
You’re an awesome entertainer but, your short jokes is getting a lil annoying. You use to be an awesome entertainer but now, it seems as though you’re forcing it and the worst part is, your short jokes are not funny like before. Bring the old you back!
Starbucks 8 dagen geleden
Is it just me, or Daily Show is just boring without its sitcom
Erika Chavez
Erika Chavez 8 dagen geleden
Be a hype man lol 😂 🤣🤣🤣
Carmen Gouvernante
Carmen Gouvernante 8 dagen geleden
Hello from the Netherlands,Trevor is making it easy for men to understand the Corona virus. And making me happy white locked up in my house.
Blackbright News
Blackbright News 8 dagen geleden
Didier Raoult said that it is the cure... but maybe Trump wasn’t supposed to say it as it hasn’t been tested properly yet.
Sapphire16 8 dagen geleden
I can't with out ministers🤣😂😂😂😂 Aaron just coughed and Fikile is there like "angsab niks!! Angsabi n**** man!!!"
Stephan Joubert
Stephan Joubert 8 dagen geleden
They(FDA) just approved it , so it Trevor Noah going to take this video down ? The only thing Trevor should host is a parasite.
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Tesla Ventilator
Weergaven 3,2 mln.