Trump's New Hampshire Rally: Ivanka Is Beautiful, Coronavirus Will Go Away By Itself 

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President Trump held a rally in Concord on the eve of the New Hampshire primary to take the spotlight off Democrats and get out some important messages about family and health. #Monologue #Comedy #Colbert
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12 feb. 2020




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Jason Firewalker
Jason Firewalker 28 minuten geleden
Manchester NH is a cockroach infested meth lab.
L Erkins
L Erkins 32 minuten geleden
It is so great to actually watch a clip that is mostly viewed by like minded people! 😁👍🏼I made the mistake of watching Romney being interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox. 😒I knew with those two speaking on why Romney voted the way he did, even on Fox, it would be a fair and truthful interview ( things the Trumpers don’t like) so color me surprised when I read all the idiotic responses from them! Why would they even watch?🤨 They were calling Romney a sinner and saying that he was jealous of Trump because Trump won and he didn’t. Everyone was lying because that WAS a perfect call and it was proven by Trump’s counsel. Hmm! 🤔Was it? The DNC keeps losing by bringing fake charges against their BELOVED Trump! They said that Romney and McCain need to burn in Hell together😡. They were both traitors and losers. So on and so forth. People were actually thumb upping all of this nonsense and in HUGE numbers! 😳I was like, “Whoa! Where am I? “The Twilight Zone”? Are these people seriously for real?! I tried to set some records straight with them but quickly got overwhelmed by the lunacy of it all! They kept calling me Strawman and I am like you are the ones with the tinfoil caps on your heads. Can you really try to read me? After time I countered their ignorance with facts they began to call me names and insult me instead of addressing anything I said. When I criticized Trump for PRETENDING to be a patriot while he dodged serving the military his entire life when because I did what he couldn’t. One of them replied, if you did indeed serve. Oh, for me it is IF I served while you are willing to follow Trump to the ends of the earth KNOWING he hasn’t. These patriotic people called McCain a traitor and a loser and made light of him being a POW, even mocked him for it! They are so ignorant and proud of it that they don’t realize you CAN be a Christian and a Democrat. You can be a moderate. ALL Democrats don’t agree with all of the same issues. They even called me an “abortionist” because I said that even though I am not FOR abortions I still don’t feel that it is my right to tell these women what to do with their bodies. I said that there could be more stringent enforcement such as you have to be at least in your twenties, it shouldn’t be used recreationally, it shouldn’t be late term, there should be counseling where other options are discussed and that if rape or anything like that take place then that is an extreme circumstance and should be handled accordingly. They told me I was going to Hell and that everyone who has an abortion should commit suicide and die and burn. I told them the God I serve doesn’t preach hate, wishing harm on those who don’t agree with you isn’t being a Christian. The God I serve doesn’t preach damnation for sins you may commit as long as you repent. That is why I always say you tell people and make them aware but ultimately it is between them and God. These are the same people who want to keep the government out of their healthcare but it is okay for the government to dictate to a woman what she can or can’t do with her body! Ridiculous! 🤦🏻‍♂️These people are extremely psycho. The bad thing is they don’t realize how sick they really sound. That is one of the reasons I was hoping Trump would be voted out in a bi partisan way so that our country would be saved from all of this willful ignorance and constant lunacy we are currently dealing with!
shawm3n 50 minuten geleden
Think of all the crap work this guy would be pushing out if Hillary had won the election.
Scott Mac
Scott Mac Uur geleden
4:02 Steven, you’ve apparently missed the mumbling thing... Trump in this clip is using his right hand to point backwards - indicating the side Pence was on...
thαílαnd pαrαdísє
Stephen Colbert is an attention hog and needs to go away by itself! Traitor scum!
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 uur geleden
finally love him.
Little Mac
Little Mac 5 uur geleden
In all seriousness...i love comics and love to laugh....but there is nothiing funny about Trump being president.
Little Mac
Little Mac 5 uur geleden
Stop making jokes and suporrt Bernie. he is the one honest person with power I know. Other than you and jon.
Little Mac
Little Mac 5 uur geleden
Do yuou want to know why that intro was not funny. At alll? Because Trump is not funny.l He is so sick I cannot laugh. So just stop it. He must be defeated. And you laughing about him being in power? Just pisses me off.
Little Mac
Little Mac 5 uur geleden
Seriously...he needs to go to jail. And we need to be done with him. And nothing about the fact he has power is funny.
INFINITE MORTAL 8 uur geleden
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 uur geleden
We must stop this separation!
Dee Lynn
Dee Lynn 9 uur geleden
Bernie Wins the People. Bernie. Thats why they say "we are unsure" . 1st place is the new last place when it comes to establishment news.
j alworth
j alworth 9 uur geleden
Taking over the Justice system? You DA's he is the president he is the head of the Justice system in our country. Don't remember you same people bitching about Obama's IRS only investigating conservative groups and then lied about that and refused to cooperate or help investigate it. Don't remember you idiots fussing about Obama and his minion idiots lying about the attack in Benghazi--don't remember anyone saying a word when Hillary was raising millions of dollars from foreign countries while she was secretary of state-- Obama and his administration was so corrupt-- not to mention Joe Bidens son making millions for nothing--- open you eyes you idiots.----The democrats are so corrupt it's plan evil.
Starla Immak
Starla Immak 10 uur geleden
It really is not funny. This incompetent, narcissistic boob should have been dragged out of the White House long ago by angry crowds with pitchforks. The corruption is so thick and the media so bought out that people just mindlessly go along with a dictatorial moron and forgo the pitchforks.
Jenn smith
Jenn smith 6 uur geleden
in the words of Obama, most incompetent & corrupt president ever --- "elections have consequences". you need to relax. Trump is doing a great job. but if you want open borders, recession, illegals driving down wages, if you ike crime, drugs, rape, sex trafficking of young girls & boys, socialism, bad trade deals, taxes through the roof, misery, homelessness; if you like rat infested inner cities, poor schools & if you like sanctuary cities where criminals are released to rape & murder 93 year old women, etc. then don't vote for Trump. vote for Bernie or Bloomberg. or, like a mindless little stooge, for whatever moron the democrat establishment tell you to vote for.
Sherron Mitchell
Sherron Mitchell 10 uur geleden
Man, the trolls are out. Killing babies, climate change, what country am I from? Man the trolls are a mess.
Joseph Dionigi
Joseph Dionigi 10 uur geleden
Herr Trumpo is a fruit in part: He is the son of a giant orange & an orangutan, lol!
Michael Mccloskey
Michael Mccloskey 11 uur geleden
It's totally amazes me how many deranged people there are and how they make comparisons to Nazi Germany over this country total fools
Houssem Zitoun
Houssem Zitoun 12 uur geleden
duuuude that's heavy !
green wood
green wood 12 uur geleden
At least Nixon had the dignity to resign PS I'm not sorry
Jay R
Jay R 17 uur geleden
Trump wants his scumbag friends out early but wanted to have those kids in Central Park put on the death row. Makes me sick.
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm 11 uur geleden
Ivanka sure is beautiful.
Mr V
Mr V 17 uur geleden
How much Crow does this CBS stooge regurgitate??? Everytime he says it's the end of the President he has to eat crow. He eats so much crow he sh*ts it.
Mr V
Mr V 5 uur geleden
@drttyu liqm Right on!
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm 11 uur geleden
laugh without contempt always being the message and their employer's political interests being so blatant! Baldwin made it funny years ago but that was for the moment.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 21 uur geleden
RED HAT rearranged is HATRED. (I read that comment elsewhere and just wanted to share it because it was so gosh darn clever)
Tammy Rich
Tammy Rich 22 uur geleden
Trump is an old fart who wants to tear up Utah parks What does this generation want He won't be here much longer Do something for the next generation
Johnny Braccia
Johnny Braccia 22 uur geleden
"plod turd man" also Lord Dampnut
SuzieQ Wonder
SuzieQ Wonder Dag geleden
We must stop this separation!
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 21 uur geleden
This guy is still around?
Skjolborg Britt Rains
There needs to be a #narcissismbill
T Meyer
T Meyer Dag geleden
You know what's hilarious. Democrats are hilarious. So gullible. Bloomberg is buying his way into the DNC nomination without doing a single rally or debate. And he is going to have Hillary be his VP candidate, LOL, and all the Bernie supporters are gonna get cast to the curb once again in fraud. It's so predictable its funny and the joke is on you. So wear it like a champ.
SH AME Dag geleden
Ind the old days (not so long ago) you needed to sit down and write a letter, mail it at the postoffice and (may) have it published under your name at the newspaper. Nowadays any idiot can participate and drown any debate with a small movement of their fingers.
Calin Muresan
Calin Muresan Dag geleden
F word, that guy (Trump) it's speaking so f word bad. Allways yelling in front of a helicopter or something. :))))
cannibalbananas Dag geleden
Can't we make the election cycle shorter? Why does it last so long?
Halfbeak Dag geleden
You get what you vote for. It's very sad watching this country's democracy evaporate and 8:16 is a cornerstone moment.
Pinkbubblegum Dag geleden
Like anyone thinking how damn sexy Stephen is ❤🐞 am myself more into middenterrenian & African hotties but he just has so much class & grace & his whole body language is hillarious but still immensly masculine & his smile is hard to ignore 💝
Andrea R
Andrea R Dag geleden
Thats funny you talked about the new hampshire primary without mentioning bernie won? weird...
Empire Cases
Empire Cases Dag geleden
Give Bill Burr your job, but take your writers with you.
Empire Cases
Empire Cases Dag geleden
Has it become that difficult to find talk show hosts that is actually witty, can be funny while mocking others he is jealous and envious of and doesn't have to demonstrate his need to have approval without being a smug undeserving arrogant dick. It's so easy to see his lack of sincerity, insecurities and fragile confidence that if he didn't have the facade that being on stage provides him would break like the little sissy boy he probably was in the schoolyard where he had to hide from the other boys so his lunch wasn't stolen and his face be continually pushed into dog poo every day. I really wonder what all the talkshows would do if they didn't have Trump to constantly mock and attempt to prop themselves up off because they have no life worth using as a foundation for humor. It's pathetic that most of the TV talk show hosts aren't seen for what they really are which is being a verbal bully simply because they were whiny feeble wimps that were bullied before they could call people names from the sanctuary of the stage. The constant focus on trump wouldn't be so annoying if the jokes were at least funny, original and showed the comedian's unique style and also put the same effort into pointing out how the other political party's politicians were equally as idiotic, corrupt and lie. It does start to seem a little like a form of bigotry when it's always pointed in one direction, no wonder there is so much rage, hatred and division in America when these assholes never stop spewing out hate and contempt. Can't they find anything actually entertaining to make people lighten up and laugh without contempt always being the message and their employer's political interests being so blatant! Baldwin made it funny years ago but that was for the moment.
Alex C
Alex C Dag geleden
Ivanka sure is beautiful.
Healthy Homes of Texas
I make all my political decisions based on what left wing comedians say
Goster Strutton
Goster Strutton Dag geleden
Ids are hacked please ignore thanks
Stephen Gleason
Stephen Gleason Dag geleden
Colbert is a Nazi.
Friendly Robot
Friendly Robot Dag geleden
This guy is still around?
Randy Tidwell
Randy Tidwell Dag geleden
Turd man kickin Dems butt
Eisdax Dag geleden
Yeah, sure, it's *impossible* for the United States of America to become a dictatorship. And in other news, sulfuric acid is healthy to drink.
Joseph Ari
Joseph Ari Dag geleden
Orange man bad
Omotola Oyeniyi
Omotola Oyeniyi Dag geleden
Republican senators, "shame on you" , I wish u land on the wrong side of this man trump so u can feel his wrought too.
I Don.t
I Don.t Dag geleden
Hi mister Colbert, Today I saw you and your amazing intellect on Google; then I watched this. On your show your are not as impressive as I hoped you would be. I think your performance may be similar to pres. Trump's: easy to understand. Both of you can do much, much better if you would allow yourselves to address the masses more openly, using more of the intelligence you have. Thanks for the jokes, they were a little funny. Me.
Hieroja Dag geleden
Orange man bad
d cammer
d cammer Dag geleden
As he crosses his arms while talking to you he is uttering lies from a different zip code......
Eli Benji
Eli Benji Dag geleden
Some people have triumph virus can't stop saying his name and talking about him...
Razz EnvyTheBest
Razz EnvyTheBest Dag geleden
Bernie Won both Iowa and New Hampshire, for the record
rose191991 Dag geleden
04:33 its like when somebody ask ypu about something u have no idea about and u just are like oh yeah..yeah... absolutely...yeah 😂😂😂
TheViperFan Dag geleden
Ivanka had used sex to boost her career. And her boss is also her father. 😩
Maiku Tsukino
Maiku Tsukino Dag geleden
He controls the Senate. He controls the DOJ. He has half the Military on his side. He has just under half of America on his side as he spreads his hate and xenophobia. The White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis are ready to march under his banner. No. I'm not talking about Adolph Hitler in the 1930's. I'm talking about the guy who's using Hitler's playbook and messing with the United States of America.
Darrin J
Darrin J Dag geleden
I don't have anything to say good about colbert . So I won't say anything at all. :)
hecticproduktionz Dag geleden
Ian Dalziel
Ian Dalziel Dag geleden
Not just *Plod Turd Man* but also *Portland Mud* You know you're wading in it Amerika!
hank wang
hank wang Dag geleden
Plod turd man..... lol
Jen Combs
Jen Combs Dag geleden
We can blame GOP senators for Don's Armageddon. Is he concerned about the coronavirus at his rallies yet?
butti fdft
butti fdft Dag geleden
America is in big trouble. This is how you create a dictatorship.
inue windwalker
inue windwalker Dag geleden
But like.... Can someone please stop trump already?
Miss Savage
Miss Savage Dag geleden
I once read that when people don't put their own pronoun in a sentence, it is likely a lie. i.e. Once read a book vs. I once read a book.
Miss Savage
Miss Savage Dag geleden
I grew up next to Concord, and it's pronounced "Con-kurd"
butti fdft
butti fdft Dag geleden
The legislature has bowed to him, with the GOP firmly stating they will never actually work to impeach him, and now he's actively involving himself in the Justice Dept to protec
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