The Weeknd - In Your Eyes (Official Video) 

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Official music video by The Weeknd performing "In Your Eyes"- 'After Hours" available everywhere now:
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Director: Anton Tammi
Starring: Zaina Miuccia
Production Company: Somesuch
Executive Producer: Saskia Whinney
Producer: Sarah Park
Director of Photography: Oliver Millar
2nd Unit DP: Devin "Daddy" Karringten
Steadicam Op: Nick Mueller
Production Designer: Miranda Lorenz
Costume Designer: Alana Morshead
SFX Makeup: Koji Ohmura
Make up Artist: Fatma Bendris
Make up Artist: Christine Nelli
1st AD: Kenneth Taylor
Editor: Andreas Arvidsson
Assistant Editor: Janne Vartia
2nd Assistant Editor: Tim Montana
Post Production Supervisor: Alec Ernest
Colorist: Nicke Jacobsson
Assistant Colorist: Sander van Wijk
Editorial/Color Talent Mgmt: Sofia Misgena & Helene
Misgena @ The Talent Group
Sound Design: Anton Ahlberg @ Red Pipe Studios
VFX: Mathematic
Title Design: Aleksi Tammi
I just pretend that I’m in the dark
I don’t regret cause my heart can’t take a loss
I’d rather be so oblivious
I’d rather be with you
When it’s said, when it’s done yeah
I don’t ever wanna know
I can tell what you done yeah
When I look at you
in your eyes
I see there’s something burning inside you
Oh inside you
In your eyes, I know it hurts to smile
But you try to, oh you try to
You always try to hide the pain
You always know just what to say
I always look the other way
I’m blind, I’m blind
In your eyes, you lie but I don’t let it define you
Oh define you
I tried to find love in someone else too many times
But I hope you know I mean it
When I tell you you’re the one that was on my mind oh
When it’s said, when it’s done
I would never let you know
I’m ashamed of what I done
When I look at you
In your eyes
I see there’s something burning inside you
Oh inside you
In your eyes I know it hurts to smile
But you try to, oh you try to
You always try to hide the pain
You always know just what to say
I always look the other way
I’m blind, I’m blind
In your eyes you lie but I don’t let it define you
Oh define you
In your eyes
I see there’s something burning inside you
Oh inside you
You always try to hide the pain
You always know just what to say
I always look the other way
I’m blind, I’m blind
In your eyes you lie but I don’t let it define you
Oh define you
#TheWeeknd #InYourEyes #AfterHours

Music video by The Weeknd performing In Your Eyes. © 2020 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




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Reacties 80   
The Weeknd
The Weeknd 17 dagen geleden
Drop your favorite song from After Hours in the comments
Tita Segers
Tita Segers 20 uur geleden
Lya rojas
Lya rojas 14 dagen geleden
save your tears and scared to live
iz*onestan yeey
iz*onestan yeey 16 dagen geleden
I think 'In your eyes'
EXO-L Snow
EXO-L Snow 16 dagen geleden
Blinding lights? .. all the songs.
Manuel Agigian
Manuel Agigian 16 dagen geleden
The Weeknd escape from la
-Emperor Naso-
-Emperor Naso- 6 uur geleden
Are we not going to talk about how The Worlds stand summon sfx from jojo plays in the background at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="213">3:33</a>
BluPumpkiing 6 uur geleden
Golden All freedom
Golden All freedom 6 uur geleden
🎷 🎷 🎶
SuperSup Nole
SuperSup Nole 6 uur geleden
I guess The Weekend is in a early Halloween mood
Woou rai
Woou rai 7 uur geleden
Quando ela arranca a cabeça dele e fica dançando com ela por todo canto skssksksskss
Juan Zavala
Juan Zavala 7 uur geleden
Si fuera en Mexico ya lo hubieran clausurado 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️😬
Aniruddha Mishra
Aniruddha Mishra 7 uur geleden
Idk but this whole thing vibes like Thriller 2.0
koca ayak
koca ayak 7 uur geleden
Why this video has 9.6k dislikes i cant understand
maya W
maya W 7 uur geleden
Elham Khan
Elham Khan 8 uur geleden
Bella Hadid got her message from The Weekend - LOL
kaylah goodwin
kaylah goodwin 8 uur geleden
Yessssss come thur American horror story 1984
Alice Alice
Alice Alice 8 uur geleden
This is so scary
joon mama
joon mama 8 uur geleden
nobody: dumb hoes in every horror movie: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="101">1:41</a>
susan kinks
susan kinks 8 uur geleden
Well this guy was a starboy , got involved in some wicked games,went heartless,got himself decapitated and now he can't feel his face.
Сухроб Ахмедов
The Weeknd - In Your Eyes (Skyjet Remix)
susan kinks
susan kinks 8 uur geleden
Abel's music videos could make up best movies
Stein Machen
Stein Machen 8 uur geleden
Sen nasıl bir kralsın bee 👊
KakJak Pooney
KakJak Pooney 9 uur geleden
Did she really just cut off his head...
Whoandwhatareyou 9 uur geleden
Starbird Jack
Starbird Jack 9 uur geleden
I love how these music videos all connect into a story. I know a lot of people are probably saying that, but it's truly awesome.
PugDad3480 9 uur geleden
Director: Weeknd, do you wanna change outfits for your new video? Weeknd:
Naun Savala
Naun Savala 9 uur geleden
Algún latino disfrutando de esta buena música 2020 ?
TheMINELL 9 uur geleden
blinding lights top song of this album
Daniel Chadwick
Daniel Chadwick 9 uur geleden
Veronica Gomez
Veronica Gomez 9 uur geleden
Swing the ax like she's leather face with a chain saw 👀
Ethan Balansay
Ethan Balansay 9 uur geleden
How many people called the police During this music video
Farge 10 uur geleden
Michael wud be proud to see this
Caroline Meyer
Caroline Meyer 10 uur geleden
Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan 10 uur geleden
He has an 1990s theme song mode activated
Rosi Romano
Rosi Romano 11 uur geleden
Sei davvero fantastico mi fai volare quando ascolto la tua voce❣
Mister Aladdin
Mister Aladdin 11 uur geleden
Save your tears as next single of the summer release please😎🌴🌞
smileyyy 11 uur geleden
No one: Me after I killed a boss in Destiny:
b.s. Mohan
b.s. Mohan 11 uur geleden
Need someone who would at least want to kill me like this :)
Dominic O'brien
Dominic O'brien 11 uur geleden
He ripped of the intro for pet rescue with Rolf Harris he should pay him some royalties
bdtjoshy 11 uur geleden
You should be in jail
bdtjoshy 11 uur geleden
Why you were having a knife
Golden All freedom
Golden All freedom 6 uur geleden
bdtjoshy ur kid 🧒 scared mom is not at home or dad
Mister Aladdin
Mister Aladdin 11 uur geleden
😍Hardest to love as next single please🙏🏽
Millie Mweemba
Millie Mweemba 11 uur geleden
The video creeps me out but I really love this song and I'm enjoying it ❤️
Jadeen Dhanoya
Jadeen Dhanoya 11 uur geleden
Nando IsSoDumb
Nando IsSoDumb 11 uur geleden
Alot of his videos is him getting killed and hurt a lot of times like how is he still alive?!? Btw ik it's just videos but like what if it was real though like...
Alejandra Potosi
Alejandra Potosi 11 uur geleden
Eduardo Delgado
Eduardo Delgado 11 uur geleden
He seems to like to die in his videos
Gabriela Gomes
Gabriela Gomes 12 uur geleden
Rachel Liza
Rachel Liza 12 uur geleden
In your eyes, and save your tears!
Зульфия Валиуллина
как так то вообще??
kr hk
kr hk 12 uur geleden
Anyone else think that girl looks like Paul Olema in a blonde wig?
Rui Sousa Queiroz Filho
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> best moment
Markus 82
Markus 82 12 uur geleden
Protect the weeknd from coronavirus at all costs..!
MORALs 12 uur geleden
MD.Nadeem Akhter
MD.Nadeem Akhter 12 uur geleden
Two weeks down still 11M views. These young bloods don't respect the gems of their generation. I myself heard it like 50 times + on repeat on Spotify.
Javier Quintero
Javier Quintero 13 uur geleden
Eres el mejor The Weeknd...maximum respecto from PANAMA 507
Dacout Pepe
Dacout Pepe 13 uur geleden
i love song great the week and
jonahguillory 13 uur geleden
srithiray 14 uur geleden
This is the most psychotic song I have ever watched and heard
Tom tomas
Tom tomas 14 uur geleden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="269">4:29</a> after I kill a player in fortnite
Davide Lando
Davide Lando 14 uur geleden
Ao ma ce stanno degli italiani
eliana avila
eliana avila 14 uur geleden
Blerrycat 14 uur geleden
Boy, getting a lot of ideas for Halloween this year. Tiger King, Dr. Oz wearing a red bandanna, now this!
Michele D' Abramo
Michele D' Abramo 14 uur geleden
This song is beautiful Abel, is my favourite In Your Eyes 🎶
Slime Tube
Slime Tube 14 uur geleden
As soon as it started i thought it should be in stranger things! XD
Darren Thomas
Darren Thomas 14 uur geleden
This project was absolute GENIUS that’s what I miss about R&B the stories they used to tell. Thriller was a story, Confessions was a story, Trapped in the Closet was a story all were great marks of storytelling and entertainment keep us interested and if the message isn’t clear enough thru words and song show us what u mean in video. Great Job Weeknd I was very impressed
Mingo The Poet
Mingo The Poet 14 uur geleden
I love that she ran in that Room and it says After Hours 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Fire shot
F goon
F goon 14 uur geleden
Most talented broccoli 🥦 I’ve ever seen.
Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed 15 uur geleden
I like the song especially the saxophone 🎷 outro but the video is quite disturbing ngl..
bigboy279 15 uur geleden
The melody reminds me of Running in the 90s
NBDrew 15 uur geleden
It’s not normal to dance with someone’s head😭
kappa2ou3 15 uur geleden
The 80s are backkkkk!!!🤗🤗🤗
Maryannie Little
Maryannie Little 15 uur geleden
Aaaaaaggghhhhhhh! My new favorite baby oooo
Nollywood 16 uur geleden
2020 Fast and Furious 9
DAXX VEVO 16 uur geleden
Pls bruv make blinding lights as jiotu ne pls bro I requested it 😭😭😭😭😭😭
david raymond
david raymond 16 uur geleden
The dude made a serie and he calls it album. Thx for the musics ,like them,keep going on!!!!!
ChronicalClinic42 17 uur geleden
Nate Dogg, Chris Brown, Akon, The Weeknd, Usher, John Legend and Trey Songz are my favourite R&B artists.
ChronicalClinic42 17 uur geleden
The Weeknd is my replacement for Michael Jackson, I feel much more welcomed.
SAMIO 17 uur geleden
winner winner weeknd dinner
Maeve Conner
Maeve Conner 17 uur geleden
She’s really pretty
Pengward Music
Pengward Music 17 uur geleden
Poor james charles. Lol
Patty 17 uur geleden
Creepy but i love it! And by the way..this is my favorite :)
Em Hogger
Em Hogger 17 uur geleden
This album has been a 💎getting me through the last few weeks! ❤️
bilias hour
bilias hour 17 uur geleden
himself getting brutally beheaded Me: "oh, ok then"
Pubudu Karunasighe
Pubudu Karunasighe 17 uur geleden
the girl is beautiful. if she likes to kill me I will let her to cut off my head.
bilias hour
bilias hour 17 uur geleden
Blinding Lights ( Cover ) On Our Channel ....... Check It Out Guys 🤙🏽♥️
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The Weeknd - Blinding Lights
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