Red Bull Racing | 2020 Formula 1 Team Guide 

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Entering their second year powered by Honda engines, the four-time world champions will be hoping to mount a serious challenge to Mercedes and Ferrari.
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Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander 8 dagen geleden
Can't wait till Rona goes away and we can see mad Max get back to work on king Lewis IV
Some Privileged White Male
shittiest team of the grid, go back make energy drink
Yolo McSwaggy
Yolo McSwaggy 26 dagen geleden
wake me up when ferrari win a chsmpionship
THEBOZZ 1801 28 dagen geleden
It may seem ugly, but to me it's funny that they used the intro music of a p*rn channel as their background music🤣🤣
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁simply fantastic🏎️🏎️🏎️ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="47">0:47</a> 💯💝💕 👇 👇 👇 👇🖤
Taka Maand geleden
Why is the F1 official turning off NLvids's subtitle function? If you use it, you can increase the number of viewers.
Michael Linner
Michael Linner Maand geleden
Max made a lot of improvement last year in his driving technique, decision making, as well as driver's etiquette. He's now poised to win a championship with the right car of course.
MaiilexF1 Maand geleden
MrKinousse Maand geleden
ik vrees er toch voor jongens
Andrew 2x
Andrew 2x Maand geleden
Me in gta
Dreamy Maand geleden
Ready to see Red Bull and Honda capture more podiums, Grand Prix wins, and hearts. It would be fun seeing them next to Mercedes!
Jared F127
Jared F127 Maand geleden
I love the Red Bull team, and I really appreciate Adrien Newey’s loyalty to the team as well.
Richard ter Veen
Richard ter Veen Maand geleden
One driver is always on top of his game ..... last year he outperformed the car for a whole season ....... he was better than the car itself ....... getting/squeezing everything out of it ..... I hope this year they provide him with a competativecar, otherwise he will have to go somewhere else
guardbreak Maand geleden
thank you netflix! I am now into F1 racing due their series covering this type of competition!
Jason Paz
Jason Paz Maand geleden
Like number 7.2k
Aswads Aswad
Aswads Aswad Maand geleden
They've gotta be second favourites for the championship , right?? Surely!!
PRIS Maand geleden
Red Bull has the best driver lineup in F1 hands down! 🙌🏻
CRYPTO EXPRESS Maand geleden
There is a 10% discount during the 1st week and all unsold crates by March 9th will be burnt so I encourage you to visit at the soonest to see their work, in particular, the artwork behind the @F1 branded NFT's @F1DeltaTime
Kevin O'Reilly
Kevin O'Reilly Maand geleden
What is the indication for a driver to know when he is in a DRS zone and within 1 sec of other driver?
Thomas John Solidum
Thomas John Solidum Maand geleden
Kevin O'Reilly A light on their steering wheel turns on.
FanisX #7
FanisX #7 Maand geleden
Is it possible for Verstappen to clinch the 2020 title?
F1 fans
F1 fans Maand geleden
Paulo Felipe
Paulo Felipe Maand geleden
Gooooo Maxx
Lins Lins
Lins Lins Maand geleden
Italian GP cancelled due to covid19???
Gerry D
Gerry D Maand geleden
If max was in the other mercedes lewis would have big trouble wining another title, but hope red bull step up and give him the car he deserves this year 🙏🙏🙏
Le Premier Pierre
Le Premier Pierre Maand geleden
Serious question, do areodynamicists get excited on windy days - just the way Newey looked at the RB looked like he was seeing wind
Cloxxki Maand geleden
Did Albon really impress, though?
Lukas Schimik
Lukas Schimik Maand geleden
Yes? Did you see his race pace?
J B Maand geleden
C’mon Albon! No more Mr nice guy, unleash the beast!
Алекс Ников
Алекс Ников Maand geleden
hopefully crashstappen will destroy less races with his crashing & durty tricks this year
Chaitanya Mhadeshwar
Chaitanya Mhadeshwar Maand geleden
Use dua lipa song physical as f1 2020 theme song
Gives U Wing
Gives U Wing Maand geleden
Our last hope
F1 fans
F1 fans Maand geleden
Ramaano Muravha
Ramaano Muravha Maand geleden
All systems are in line for them to challenge for championship
F1 fans
F1 fans Maand geleden
They are ready 💪
ItsRapidz Maand geleden
Red bull by far the most interesting team to follow since they are on their way to take out the boring Mercedes
infinity Maand geleden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="111">1:51</a>
BENK CHAFIK Maand geleden
Manu Vyas
Manu Vyas Maand geleden
The Honda engine is the best sounding thing out there. Can't wait to listen to it!
Lukas Schimik
Lukas Schimik Maand geleden
Sam Boon
Sam Boon Maand geleden
Mine Labs
Mine Labs Maand geleden
Formula One is the worst sport in the world.. MotoGP is so much more skill and talent!
F1 fans
F1 fans Maand geleden
You're wrong you need to learn more about F1. MotoGP is good too
Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor Maand geleden
Let’s be honest tho, Mercedes and Hamilton go on to win 6 and 7
Ricer84 D
Ricer84 D Maand geleden
Why does it still say Aston Martin on the Honda Red Bull car?
Aslamnur Fikri
Aslamnur Fikri Maand geleden
Because they are still sponsored by them
Lucas Larson
Lucas Larson Maand geleden
“A champion ship fight with Mercedes Ferrari ,pink Mercedes
Jake C
Jake C Maand geleden
He’s not fast enough with Lewis , Charles , bottas on track
Dr. Edgar Segura
Dr. Edgar Segura Maand geleden
Guill Brutton and his stupidistic mamadistic inobjetivistic comments....vomiting...
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi Maand geleden
Anything could Verstappen!
ProperPoring Maand geleden
I would lose my shit if Albon win a GP this year
01sapphireGTS Maand geleden
Go Max, go.
NÃO TEM MOSCA! Maand geleden
Opik Taopik
Opik Taopik Maand geleden
Opik Taopik
Opik Taopik Maand geleden
Effect Phoenix
Effect Phoenix Maand geleden
Let's say Mercedes is another class, so Redbull can win championship
Bispo LCS
Bispo LCS Maand geleden
Our hopes to take the fight to Mercedes are on this guys
tyano jason
tyano jason Maand geleden
Lets go Team Red Bull
Aozotra Maand geleden
could have did a voiceover and synced environment audio after, instead of trying to compete with the car noises
TheKingkingg Maand geleden
I'm still excited to see Red bull racing Honda Jet, and Red Bull Honda NSX and Alpha Tauri Honda NSX even in GT3 form
Erawat UeaFuea
Erawat UeaFuea Maand geleden
Cheer Red Bull, Cheer Albon🇹🇭 🤘
J B 20 dagen geleden
Who cares about Verstappen? I think you’re on the wrong comment thread LOL.
RONIN T 21 dag geleden
Lol Verstappen isn't in vacation
J B Maand geleden
Albon and Thailand FTW!
Red_Ray Maand geleden
Really hope Red Bull and Ferarri will close the gap with Mercedes. Would love a 3-way battle for the championship between Hamilton, Leclerc and Verstappen.
Pregação Cura Interior 2019
MAD MAX GO!!🇧🇷🇧🇷🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙏
mojoblues66 Maand geleden
Impressive half-season? I wasn't impressed at all by Albon. In fact, his presence at RB as well as no driver changes at Toro Rosso indicates that they are short on real new talent.
mojoblues66 Maand geleden
@Lukas Schimik : Do I have to in order to be eligible to criticise him?
Lukas Schimik
Lukas Schimik Maand geleden
You can do it better, huh?
Daniel MV33
Daniel MV33 Maand geleden
Go Max!
DwarvishPasty Maand geleden
SuperGT looking for his first podium
MOK Maand geleden
Come on Red Bull!
Fboss 9144
Fboss 9144 Maand geleden
Huge red bull fan
pluton Maand geleden
That Honda is loud
Lukas Schimik
Lukas Schimik Maand geleden
I love it. But tell that to the sound horny morons with their V8, V10, V12 or whatever... 🙄
4Care Maand geleden
How will they implement the DAS in the 2020 video game?!
jelena nesovic
jelena nesovic Maand geleden
give this man a pair of sunglasses, please
Jon-paul Cannon
Jon-paul Cannon Maand geleden
Come on red bull
Jonny Maand geleden
*ThEy DoNt SoUnD aS gOoD* can these people just get out of the sport already, jesus. Cant believe every video and post still has these types of comments from these fucks. Some guy literally said he likes to hear the cars at track and the replies were just complaining about the good ole days calling him a moron for thinking the modern car sounds good.
Michal Lacki
Michal Lacki Maand geleden
Alex with a beard 😱
Marcel Polman
Marcel Polman Maand geleden
Albon also working on his personal bassline. Vocal coaching
Gijs Vermunt Agrifotografie
Red bull!!! Let’s go Honda and Max!!
J. S.P
J. S.P Maand geleden
Max's 2018 & 2019 seasons helped him to shape up as a driver to substantially put the pressure on Hamilton & Red Bull seems to be ready to give him the tools for that to happen this year.
Natalie Maand geleden
My team 🙌🏻 the bulls are gonna take the fight to the Mercedes 💙
RONIN T 21 dag geleden
Myc Maand geleden
Go Bulls!
egj1975 Maand geleden
Do not count them out... Adrian knows what he's doing and Honda are getting the engine closer to Mercedes. And look at Max in 2019 compared to 2018... he will be unstoppable in 2020 and beyond.
Jose Rodallega
Jose Rodallega Maand geleden
Hamilton lo vence con el endemoniado Mercedes
Linda M
Linda M Maand geleden
If I'm correct itcwas Mercedes and red bull who came 1st and 2nd in trials?? This is one badass car. Love the blk red combo. Damn that's sweet. Tysm for sharing my friend 🔥🔥
Sander Alphen
Sander Alphen Maand geleden
Did I missed something? I heard no news.
king shark
king shark Maand geleden
CJ Mattias
CJ Mattias Maand geleden
Mercedes already won. Their innovation will be as powerful as DRS. No need to save tyres when you can just change the angle of them. Other drivers will be complaining of overheating the tyres. Not Mercedes. Thank you maFIA. Season ruined before it started.
Hugo Van Mulken
Hugo Van Mulken Maand geleden
Go max, max first
FIREDELL10 Maand geleden
People are doubting Albon, but this year, he’s had input on the development of the car. He should be a lot more consistently high up the order.
Lukas Schimik
Lukas Schimik Maand geleden
He will smash it 💪
zosu Maand geleden
@FIREDELL10 yeah. I really wish him a podium since Brazil GP though.
FIREDELL10 Maand geleden
@zosu That seems very possible. I still think he's not gonna be a great fit for the car, even with input in the development. The Red Bull cars have always had extreme aggression in mind with how they drive, and that's just not how he normally drives. As long as he doesn't have terrible luck, though, he should be well over 100 points at a minimum.
zosu Maand geleden
@FIREDELL10 then probably 150 + . He got 76 points in the 2nd half of 2019.
FIREDELL10 Maand geleden
@zosu That's just not something I see happening, honestly.
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