Jussie Smollett Indicted & The DOJ Meddles in Roger Stone’s Case | The Daily Show 

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Jussie Smollett faces new charges for his hate crime charade, the Justice Department intervenes in Roger Stone’s sentencing, and a submarine crashes into the remains of the Titanic. #TheDailyShow

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13 feb. 2020




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Let Tice
Let Tice 6 uur geleden
Bruh, those peppermint patties didn’t have thousands of dollars put into a full blown police investigation on them. Your grasping at likes with that comment, fuck your self Trevor Noah. What those women did was dog shit, but in no way is it as bad as what jussie did.
Leo Martin
Leo Martin 6 uur geleden
I dont understand why Jussie wanted publicity....being on EMPIRE was some publicity for yo ass.
Scooter Van Neuter
Scooter Van Neuter 8 uur geleden
Seriously, who the hell is Trevor Noah and why would any intelligent person watch this talentless, smirking teleprompter reading retard? Stupid TV for stupid people.
Klaus Thomsen
Klaus Thomsen 9 uur geleden
"Landmark court battle"
james francis
james francis 9 uur geleden
Not trying to say that he didn't fuck up. But he is proving a point white people get away with this shit all the time. I'm glad he pointed this out as I was typing it. Just goes to show you how much they hate us.
Fan Man
Fan Man 14 uur geleden
#justice4JUICY 🌚🌈🇫🇷
W Tollefson
W Tollefson 15 uur geleden
Trevor, Jessie allegedly did those things in THIS Country...not convicted.
Allison Anne
Allison Anne 17 uur geleden
I’m shocked that Trevor Noah isn’t defending Smollet.
HeatherHotcakes 18 uur geleden
Thank you Trevor!!
issaciams 18 uur geleden
Are you telling me the prosecution was cucked by Trump's tweets!?! Fuck is wrong with America???
Dorcia Parham
Dorcia Parham 18 uur geleden
BTW PEOPLE .. Jussie is a Black man; the most hated, feared by white man's establishment & SET APART FOR JUSTICE DUE that anyone could ever think of. I BELIEVE JUSSIE IS TELLING THE TRUTH! Anyone KNOW how many Black men in PARTICULAR are in jail though INNOCENT?
J Moore
J Moore 19 uur geleden
The Injured and Ill go to the E.R. Hope no one had to wait while he was being treated for his fake injuries.
Narambasha 20 uur geleden
I do not know of this Jussy you speak of. Are you refering to the French black actor Jucé Smulierre?
Joe Wlos Joseph Wlos
Joe Wlos Joseph Wlos 20 uur geleden
Saying the DOJ is meddling in a federal case is moronic . IT'S THEIR CASE , they "the doj" are in charge of the terms.
Delores Vickers
Delores Vickers 23 uur geleden
Yeah, get the small fry, black guy while the white man murders and bury people in their backyards, and Trump tells lies so much he forgets his own name.
Karen Smith
Karen Smith Dag geleden
Not gonna lie, would love to watch a movie about Titanic vs submarine.
David Shaw
David Shaw Dag geleden
Lock him up. Hate crime, political hate crime gay hate crime and lying to police and the American people. Remember when they raided Stones house and CNN just happen to be there, all a set up. Yes he lied but the president can voice his opinion. Also if any of us are questioned by federal prosecutors it is there job to catch you not telling the truth so if you answer one way don’t change your answer.
Lillie Holmes
Lillie Holmes Dag geleden
Jesse shouldn’t have LIE, we black peoples have enough problems
SOB044 Dag geleden
He should go to jail for that BS and everyone else that makes false police statements but yes lets make this a black/white thing Trevor
ajayi ayomide
ajayi ayomide Dag geleden
We need a daily show for Nigerians current affairs and politics. Maybe, then I'll find it more interesting
Leon L
Leon L Dag geleden
Justice for juicy!!!!!!
Jordan Ortiz
Jordan Ortiz Dag geleden
That last bit got me LMAO 😂
L.E. DuBois
L.E. DuBois Dag geleden
I came for the indictment but stayed for the iceberg 😆
Miriam Schiro
Miriam Schiro Dag geleden
When News anchors runs out of ideas “The titanic was involved in another crash” 😳😂😂😅🤦🏽‍♀️😑🙄
Miriam Schiro
Miriam Schiro Dag geleden
😂😂😂 you crack me up with your impersonation of Donald Trump 😂😂🤣 you’re good dude you SERIOUSLY should win an award for BEST Trump voice impersonation for the reals you have ma rolling EvryTIME 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Marina Sayre
Marina Sayre Dag geleden
Jussie deserves prison time for what he did. It must have been all that white privilege that got him off the first time....
Trojan Hampton
Trojan Hampton Dag geleden
Resently a cop lied to police that a black man shot him after he shot at a passing car-out come: termination.
Phoebe Mthimunye
Phoebe Mthimunye Dag geleden
Para Noid
Para Noid Dag geleden
lying to police? go to prison lying to fbi? you get free
Tee Maro
Tee Maro Dag geleden
Did that guy say,"Back into the Smolight?"
Fitawrari Fitness
Fitawrari Fitness Dag geleden
Justice for Juicey!
mala sangre
mala sangre Dag geleden
Meanwhile CPD lies about killing others.
Real Honest Obversations
I can't believe we're living in these times with lying Trump.
A. Ngoc Anh Ha
A. Ngoc Anh Ha Dag geleden
Trevor doesn’t think jussie is innocent!? 😢
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
Hopefully the Trumptanic will hit an iceberg soon.
Joey Swanson
Joey Swanson Dag geleden
The Smollett thing is real. The racial situation in this country is already at a fever pitch. And this douche bag tried to raise the steaks and makes shit worse. There are legit scenarios and real miscarriages of justice that have been thrown on people of color. This pussy stole a true plight and tried to sell it (and amp up the awful) to get a better contract on a TV show. Fuck that.
SaniBravo Dag geleden
No! Not Juicy Smooyay!
Matt Bonikowski
Matt Bonikowski Dag geleden
Since when did trevor’s rhetoric get so racially charged. “White people this white people that” 😂
devilsveryown Dag geleden
Typical. A “D” list host comments and shows sympathy to another “D Lister” actor on trying to start a race war in Chicago by showing 3 ignorant people that have no measurement to what Jussie tried to start. You’re garbage Noah.
Lamontira Dag geleden
We Laugh and joke But at the end of the day Jussie Smollett is just being reminded he is a Black Man in Amerikkka. FACT: When it comes to Black Men in Amerikkka the Crime and Punishment NEVER equals that of white Amerikkka.
playlist55 Dag geleden
Poor Trevor, full of sh-t as usual. Trump never tweeted until after the DOJ reduced their recommendation. But, hey, you keep hatin', we'll keep winnin'. Trump 2020 MAGA.
Atl Ga
Atl Ga Dag geleden
We Laugh and joke But at the end of the day Jussie Smollett is just being reminded he is a Black Man in America. FACT: When it comes to Black Men in Amerikkka the Crime and Punishment NEVER equals that of White Amerikkka.
Atl Ga
Atl Ga Dag geleden
@Tim Hansen Over your head sir...thank you for input though.
Tim Hansen
Tim Hansen Dag geleden
A white (jewish) father and black mother means he is mixed or whatever you want to call it.
Atl Ga
Atl Ga Dag geleden
@Tim Hansen 😂😅..."Mixed" in this case is Subjective. Do you understand that?
Tim Hansen
Tim Hansen Dag geleden
He is mixed, even if he likes to pretend he is 100% black (just like Obama). Juicy did the crime, now he has to do the time.
Hillary, Eric Holder, Brennan, McCabe, Comey all lied under oath. They are all running Scott free and getting speaking engagement being paid by partisan Democrats. Special mentioned to shifty Schiff who received 4 Pinocchios from WAPO.
Castaway Stepping into conciousness.
Subway is getting more famous coz of this dude
kap k mantis
kap k mantis Dag geleden
the Rock A Fellas skipped on boarding the Titanic while many of the traditionally rich USA figure heads who were his competition did. 1 year later we have the Federal Reserve... #magic
Domo Jones
Domo Jones Dag geleden
U mean the french actor that was considered the gay 2Pac. This is deep because false claims r always made and face no repercussions
Latrice Jones
Latrice Jones Dag geleden
All he had to do was pay back the money! Smh
Phat Vegan
Phat Vegan Dag geleden
I don't know why we're surprised that a man did the same exact thing and he is black and gets shi* on. But A white man with a friend in the president's seat gets almost a clear pass. This is bull crab and proof That nazis run this Country
Tim Hansen
Tim Hansen Dag geleden
If nazis were running the country, you wouldn't be living in it.
Big Country
Big Country 2 dagen geleden
Who is this POS EU American wannabe ?
ZM Dumpbox
ZM Dumpbox 2 dagen geleden
"I stay out of things like you wouldn't believe." Well, that's one truth he can say - we don't believe he stays out of things.
Greg Shaw
Greg Shaw 2 dagen geleden
No witnesses
Brian Levine
Brian Levine 2 dagen geleden
The Irony on this is soooo thick. Former President Obama flexes some Political might and the original charges against Jussie are dropped. Current President Trump does it and "OH MY GOD THIS IS A BANANA REPUBLIC". The fact that both of these are being talked about at once by Trevor and not a peep about that. It is so funny to watch. LMFAO
Chu Taylor
Chu Taylor 2 dagen geleden
Its peoples actions like Jussie Smolett that make the voiceless even more voiceless. Fake news, and false accusations have a bigger affect on others ordeals than you think.
Sean Winston
Sean Winston 2 dagen geleden
Police lie to get convictions
Barry Monroy
Barry Monroy 2 dagen geleden
Is that Juicy!!!😀
Julie 2 dagen geleden
chester bredes
chester bredes 2 dagen geleden
Gerard Mulder
Gerard Mulder 2 dagen geleden
In the smotlight?
Reigns Over Pink
Reigns Over Pink 2 dagen geleden
Oh damn, did Amanda Seales get to Trevor 🤣 I never heard him sound stupid before
Melanin Nation by BlackGirlSpeaks
Jussie should not go to jail. Ppl have called then police for BS. They didn't got to jail. This is a witch hunt. There is no evidence this didn't happen! The president wasn't held accountable for his crimes. 👀 rolling my eyes. The only reason this is happening is b/c "Trump supporters" was said to be the criminals. If you have a. Certain complexion you can call the cop, get someone killed, and not be held responsible. Fuck this country.
Mr. PsychoBoom
Mr. PsychoBoom 2 dagen geleden
He almost caused a race war that means millions of people would have lost their lives not only that lot of people would be brutally massacred and put in camps on both sides tearing our country apart!