How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM? 

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11 feb. 2020




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Reacties 10 781   
Asterisk 12 minuten geleden
"A single stick of this ram has more than your entire pc" Not saying much
Pritam Pawade
Pritam Pawade 59 minuten geleden
I miss my P4 system with 256mb ram😭😭😭
Amirwala Hedayat
Amirwala Hedayat Uur geleden
me watching on 4gb ram
no1unorightnow Uur geleden
Try it in Linux to rule out Windows as an issue.
Marvellium Gaming
Marvellium Gaming 2 uur geleden
not enough ram for minecraft mods
Black Bite
Black Bite 2 uur geleden
Can the ram be used for gaming ?
James the cat
James the cat 2 uur geleden
Who rembers ram disks on acorns
advait bajaj
advait bajaj 3 uur geleden
How long did u take for closing all those tabs .
Zeelius 4 uur geleden
linus: 6k tabs can do right click for 30s me: 6k tabs then pc suddenly shutdown
ADRENELINEDUDE 5 uur geleden
Chrome is extremely unoptimized.
Farhad Ahmad
Farhad Ahmad 5 uur geleden
I have 1 GB ram ...............:🤣🤣
mormen the ramen king
mormen the ramen king 7 uur geleden
CPU: *visible shaking* Ram: zZz
Van Lame
Van Lame 7 uur geleden
All I see is the meme.
Pranoj D.M
Pranoj D.M 7 uur geleden
I don't care about the RAM capacity Does it have *RGB* ?
Reversed Tech
Reversed Tech 8 uur geleden
1. your 128GB is half of my system lol 2. Where did you buy those sticks linus, someone wants todo some upgrades :P
Eroded Zoner
Eroded Zoner 8 uur geleden
I clicked on the chrome option it wasn't opening ( my pc is slow and annoys me alot) I waited for a long time it didn't work I clicked again didn't work again I clicked again didn't work again I got *A N G R Y* and kept clicking it continously untill it opened like I kept clicking for 2 minutes suddenly my pc stopped it made some telephone ringing noises I realised my pc was about get what it deserved I quickly switched it off from the plug ah revenge taken The reason I am writing this is to tell you guys how to take revenge on your pc
A Light
A Light 9 uur geleden
🌟Chrome -The spying Cancer
Tony Smart
Tony Smart 9 uur geleden
me: looks at laptop laptop: don't even think about it.
Supreme MC Player
Supreme MC Player 11 uur geleden
Love the cyber man
SFS Eagle
SFS Eagle 11 uur geleden
I'm watching this video with my 2GB of RAM while this guy is using 2TB of RAM.
Ryugo7 7
Ryugo7 7 12 uur geleden
He said serial and Siri thought she heard her name dumb bitch
Mason Bernheim
Mason Bernheim 12 uur geleden
"Three. Take it or leave it."
Martin Nicholls
Martin Nicholls 12 uur geleden
"Sponsored by SK Hynix" .. I mean it'd kinda have to be wouldn't it?
Caroline Couture
Caroline Couture 13 uur geleden
Can someone please tell me why I under stood every word he said? I am 11....
Monroe Thompson
Monroe Thompson 14 uur geleden
I needed to see this video, thank you Linus.
Robot Bits
Robot Bits 14 uur geleden
bruh i have 2 tabs open and it uses 45% memory
Tyler Vaughn
Tyler Vaughn 15 uur geleden
About 6
林鼎鈞 18 uur geleden
When you make your RAM stick at the size of a regular person's SSD Excuse me?
Liam Limitless
Liam Limitless 18 uur geleden
kids on pc i got 6ram linus: i got 2tb ram
Anders Malmberg
Anders Malmberg 19 uur geleden
10 times more ram than I have of ssd
Ilyas Nazarov
Ilyas Nazarov 19 uur geleden
fake news i've been running 6000 chrome tabs on my iPhone since '07
G 3
G 3 19 uur geleden
Try running rust with that
Lekker ce
Lekker ce 19 uur geleden
Chrome, the worst browser you can get. You should have tried other ones too, and use Linux or macOS, only then you can draw a conclusion, or how many tabs you can open.
Aaron Ronnquist
Aaron Ronnquist 19 uur geleden
Is it enough to run Kali Linux?
Low Spec Benchmarks
Low Spec Benchmarks 19 uur geleden
Not legit. No PH tabs.
Tarsteel PC Gaming
Tarsteel PC Gaming 20 uur geleden
How Many Minecraft Servers can you run with 2TB?
Bear Player908
Bear Player908 22 uur geleden
Then theres me watching this on my 2gb ram 8 year old samsung notebook
Yousef Sultan
Yousef Sultan 22 uur geleden
8:47 nice
Red9282 22 uur geleden
Spoilers: It’s 2
quantum_ghost 23 uur geleden
I wonder how Firefox and Edge would perform in this astonishing machine.
John Kennedy
John Kennedy 23 uur geleden
Did you do a experiment with another program using 2TB of ram? I don't think this was the best use of all that ram... Video editing? Mathematical program, cad? I read somewhere you could create a ram disk and run programs on the ram; even the os. Hoping this experiment didn't end with this video.
houdini abracadabra
houdini abracadabra 23 uur geleden
Tausif Anwar
Tausif Anwar Dag geleden
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Amaterasu Dag geleden
Why did I watch this and how is this information going to help me
Lorenzo Tds
Lorenzo Tds Dag geleden
try with linux and firefox
Mundane Astronaut
Mundane Astronaut Dag geleden
This is what it’s like to use my pc except it take 45 seconds to right click unless in a game but games run slow
Splinter 6662
Splinter 6662 Dag geleden
my mom's old laptop freezes at 12 tabs
No one- Computer experts- *touch screen and leave fingertips mark*
Mudrik Dag geleden
His ram size is bigger than my hard drive
Marek Šimík
Marek Šimík Dag geleden
i will be happy with 128gb and u have 2tb 0_0
martin ignacio flores donoso
linus: "a single stick of this ram has more capacity than your entire system" an apple lover with money: u lying piece of sh*t
Kenryuu-oniichan Dag geleden
"Three, take it or leave it."
Refined_Turbo Dag geleden
Chrome has hardware acceleration enabled by default so, Inaccurate test LeL as you ran out of GPU ram before system ram
Person. Dag geleden
My laptop has 2GB ram Linus: *2TB ram*
Freddy on the long Trail
Linus the Cyberman how cool is that
Alan Dag geleden
As I suspected, Chrome not only eat my ram but other resources too, including internet bandwidth, Cpu cycle and probably tons of others. I have extremely fast internet but 50 tabs of chrome can make loading a youtube video automatically turn to lower resolution. (32gb of ram).
Alan Dag geleden
Terrible Linked profile ---> okay brandon seems like he is sticking around. LOL
jatin raj
jatin raj Dag geleden
Here , I am using 2GB ram 🙄
Salifrt Salifrt
Salifrt Salifrt Dag geleden
Lol, I have used a 3TB ram server linus....
HappenedShelfYT Dag geleden
Me over here with 8 gb of ram also me having less storage than his ram