Homemade Screw Tank Build #1 SCREWS 

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13 feb. 2020




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rock climbing33
rock climbing33 7 uur geleden
Looking great!!!
malevolantANGEL 7 uur geleden
Honestly probably the best incorporation of a sponsor I’ve ever seen on NLvids!
Sam Flint
Sam Flint 9 uur geleden
@colinfurze @4:02 The word you are looking for is Joggle
Michael Michaels
Michael Michaels 9 uur geleden
7:59 dude!! What happened to your arm??? It's all swollen and greyish...
That Gas mask kid
That Gas mask kid 9 uur geleden
It better shoot tank rounds
Neo Flaver
Neo Flaver 10 uur geleden
Wot... This is my game
Jeff The Ref
Jeff The Ref 10 uur geleden
Pls don’t watch my videos their cringe
Jeff The Ref
Jeff The Ref 10 uur geleden
Such an amazing video
Jeff The Ref
Jeff The Ref 10 uur geleden
oof 10 uur geleden
ive always wondered were all of his creations go if they go up for auction i need to know where and how much because i will buy them all
Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor 11 uur geleden
6:15 Introducing the lampshade 5000
Paul Evans
Paul Evans 11 uur geleden
What gives Cloin ? Just had three notifications from your channel only to find that you've deleted all three.
BlueWolf _GAMEZ
BlueWolf _GAMEZ 11 uur geleden
rcpilot 12 uur geleden
You should do a collab with mastermilo, he build his own tank as well!
Jibrhan khan
Jibrhan khan 12 uur geleden
Yo why take it down
El Smeghead
El Smeghead 12 uur geleden
Just sent you a superchat on your "Why is this so hard" video but it failed as you deleted the video you silly man. I'll wait til you get up and running again and try again later.
monogometr1c 12 uur geleden
Colin have you saved the second video because the comedic timing was extraordinary
Ultra 12 uur geleden
Do more Fireworks on the channel!!
ExlooerZandhappers 12 uur geleden
Your colleague mastermilo82 from the Netherlands already builded a tank. And is restoring a real tank from Sadam Hoessein. Great job furze keep going on!!
Nathan Bishop
Nathan Bishop 12 uur geleden
What else could you use a metal cone for? Metal lamp shade
Jokey Jesus
Jokey Jesus 12 uur geleden
Google how to turn on slow mode for lives, that's what it is killing your lives your internet out in the shed can't handle all the comments that fast
V8Hilux 13 uur geleden
FOR THE LOVE OF WARGAMING DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME 😂 but in all seriousness... don't & that's 7 years of experience talking.
алеша шевченко
всем приветик
someguy004 13 uur geleden
WOT is p2w garbage, just get war thunder
Adnan Abdillah Ghifari
Adnan Abdillah Ghifari 13 uur geleden
Hey @colinfurze, you are almost reach 9 million subs! You need to light up more fireworks at 9 million subs.
Kai Noctis
Kai Noctis 15 uur geleden
world of tanks is aids
Dan Hall
Dan Hall 15 uur geleden
Make a hornby train gun
Rik Sluiter
Rik Sluiter 16 uur geleden
Someone has to chalange colinfurze and MasterMilo82
Arne Burghouts
Arne Burghouts 16 uur geleden
Hmm.. Make it float, so you can use it on water as well. Boom!
Copenhagen King
Copenhagen King 18 uur geleden
His fab skills are unparalleled
Jonathan 18 uur geleden
I wonder how many watch list Colin is on
Thekingx3 Gaming
Thekingx3 Gaming 18 uur geleden
Your almost at 9mil can’t wait till your 9mil celebration video
Stephan Brun
Stephan Brun 18 uur geleden
One Killdoser, coming up.
Wazzupbro333 18 uur geleden
I’m curious to see what he’s gonna do for steering I can’t imagine it being drivable
Sol Brumbrew
Sol Brumbrew 19 uur geleden
Can you give an update on your bunker?
Paul Moore
Paul Moore 19 uur geleden
Best advert ever, I hate being treated like a dumb ass by other channels. Colin please have thousands of children and make the world a better place, one last thing, never show me your Bentley that will spoil the simplicity. Love you mate, superb!
Scott Vierling
Scott Vierling 19 uur geleden
The code tanktastic doesn’t work?! :( is there a number code at all please? 😌
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 19 uur geleden
"People always said I should make a nuke for 10 million subscribers" This is the most terrifying foreshadowing I've ever heard.
brodie1709 20 uur geleden
Another NLvidsd called REDNIC79 built a screw tank a few years ago. Turned out pretty cool.
Salvation Jane
Salvation Jane 20 uur geleden
Can you make an anti gravity unit
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 19 uur geleden
What everyone takes from this video: Homemade screw tank What I take from this video: TUBE GIVES BIRTH TO MAN!
Hayden Pulchinski
Hayden Pulchinski 20 uur geleden
The music selection needs some improvement. Really doesn't add anything to the show. Just stick to stock samples or something dude.
Ken 21 uur geleden
You may have to give it a degree or two of toe on each side.
arithmathtics word puzzles
you tube crysler screw drive
Jennifer Harris
Jennifer Harris 22 uur geleden
Colin, make something called a dubstep gun just search a image of it if You don’t know what a dubstep gun is
Gopov Her
Gopov Her 22 uur geleden
Shane Bassen
Shane Bassen 22 uur geleden
The flighting on those augers really should have some kind of gusset on them. Plus maybe a cone on the back side so you could reverse easier.
That 1 Weasel
That 1 Weasel 22 uur geleden
Colin is like a coordinated Peter Sripol
Alec Steele
Alec Steele 22 uur geleden
Andrew C
Andrew C 22 uur geleden
Add a jet turbine thruster to the tank... WOOOHOOOOO!!!
Joven Mangges
Joven Mangges 23 uur geleden
*WONKEY* in British accent is too funny for me.
Garrett Hensley
Garrett Hensley 23 uur geleden
You need to put an angled bit on the front it the tubes and the end of the screw part so it isn't parallel to the surface of the tube. The way you have it now it can get caught on something and break.
Jacob Jackson
Jacob Jackson 23 uur geleden
In America you can have guns but in England can you have tanks
Crystal Gamer
Crystal Gamer Dag geleden
Saw the screw and thought you were going to make a screw pipe auger
Aurelleah Dag geleden
Needs like 20% more safety glasses
Cyrus Coblentz
Cyrus Coblentz Dag geleden
Really bad great idea, you should try to make a functional areoplane
IK790 S
IK790 S Dag geleden
What everyone takes from this video: Homemade screw tank What I take from this video: TUBE GIVES BIRTH TO MAN!
barn ged
barn ged Dag geleden
make a real car-sized hot wheels track next
alex mckeown
alex mckeown Dag geleden
This has nothing to do with this video but I watched a terrible channel called the hacksmith they chat shit and aren't even funny would you recreate there version or a better version of fallout rocket bat or maybe the super sledge 😬 or even more dangerous the power fist
smiley satanson
smiley satanson Dag geleden
i swear if he wants to make a missile no one will ever question him they just see it as an normal monday afternoon
A Non Y Mouse
A Non Y Mouse Dag geleden
Oh Colin, Colin, Colin... In the credits... Desiged...!? You weren't wearing your tie whilst editing the video, were you...!? See what happens when safety goes out the window...!? :-P Love everything you do man, thanks for all the laughs...