Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world) 

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Sometimes the scientific method takes us to new frontiers. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Check out the 2020 letter here:

0:00 - Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday
1:39 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
3:14 - Arrow - Andrew Applepie
6:38 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday
7:11 - Arrow - Andrew Applepie
8:32 - Sugar Fairy - Danijel Zambo-
9:54 - Berlin - Andrew Applepie -
11:30 - The Ocean - Andrew Applepie -
13:42 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
15:21 - Manhattan - Cecilia Lindh
16:50 - Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak -

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12 feb. 2020




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Mark Rober
Mark Rober 11 dagen geleden
This one was quite a journey! I've been super busy filming and planning stuff. Got another vid comin in hot in about 2 weeks that's a real banger. Insta/Twitter/TicTok- @MarkRober
Sohaibo Kribich
Sohaibo Kribich 11 dagen geleden
Silas Robot .
spooky sodi
spooky sodi 11 dagen geleden
Yo have you heard of free range
Ziv Lim
Ziv Lim 11 dagen geleden
extremecubing 11 dagen geleden
@hellipadh20 I don't miss meat.
hellipadh20 11 dagen geleden
Bro it tastes like trash and you know it
Michael Montgomery
Michael Montgomery 23 uur geleden
I haven't ate plants in two weeks. All my energy is from meat since I'm on a carnivore diet... plants don't want to die so they do cause inflammation in some people, especially in Jordan Peterson and his daughter who probably would've died eating plants, just go look up her story, she only eats meat
Volkfire 23 uur geleden
People: Rich people are the problem Also people: I'm friends with the richest man alive
Plant 23 uur geleden
That is why I directly use photosynthesis to get my energy
Sam Villa
Sam Villa Dag geleden
Dug Kub
Dug Kub Dag geleden
Paid Promotion!
Jack E
Jack E Dag geleden
Lmao the way they just froze, that was hilarious
SidKillz Dag geleden
i am a vegetarian but go tell this to the world :v as if they gonna listen... been there and done that no way people will give up eating meat even if the plant based tasted 100% same
What an awkward video, clearly it tastes different to a real burgers, bills reaction is the most obvious to this. The trick is the burger sauce and garnish to hide the taste. He never even eats the burger patty he cooked at the start of the video.
LPSZ Dag geleden
I didnt get it
Dimes Dag geleden
Except plants pollute too so you're hardly saving squat. Rice produce methane... etc. Big industry, including the one that Bill Gates runs, also pollutes a ton. Cars pollute a ton. But sure, the enemy is burgers. *eyeroll*
Blake Moore
Blake Moore Dag geleden
never would have thought I'd hear bill gates say the word "farts"
bendyboi Dag geleden
bill should really go into web/game design
Abraham Shekelbergstien
Chance Dag geleden
Thank you Mark! Much like you, I eat A LOT of meat... I will trust your judgement, and I will at least try impossible meats
Abraham Shekelbergstien
You can eat cow meat raw.
Der Eidgenosse
Der Eidgenosse Dag geleden
plot twist: The meat free patty was actually made out of meat...
85Damix Dag geleden
it does not taste like meat, it does not feel like meat, it does not smell like meat. It's a processed food that tastes bad...
Sauwar1 Dag geleden
What happens to unsold cars?
Skeet Yeet
Skeet Yeet Dag geleden
Mark made it seem like he was pranking a kid so hard with just *little kid eats burger* Mark: PlAnTs hehe U aTe PlAnTs lol
Paula Frazão
Paula Frazão Dag geleden
Ok I will try again don't eat meat.
Jared Carpio
Jared Carpio Dag geleden
Its 12am and watching this. makes me crave things I can't buy in the middle of the night. damn it
A C Blyth !
A C Blyth ! Dag geleden
Poison and the opposite of good for the planet! Highly profitable for the manufacturer though!
SavageDoge Dag geleden
i thought the richest man is jeff bezos?
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith Dag geleden
7:06 what is that song?
So were did you get this meat
Chunni L
Chunni L Dag geleden
So much fantastic in one video. Bravo!
Daniel Czeczot
Daniel Czeczot Dag geleden
Your telling me you don't eat meat raw? Smh normie.
arnav kaushik
arnav kaushik Dag geleden
Hey mark do you know about genetic engineering or biology if so can you do a video on it
Garraway Prox
Garraway Prox Dag geleden
For me it's like this - I enjoy the taste. I'm not a politically stuck dude who eats meat because "It's my god damn right!". I enjoy it, but I could swap to an alternative right of the bat. If you can make it taste as meat, be healthier and even cheaper then I'm going to cut meat of my life tomorrow. I couldn't care less.
Nathaniel Dokkan
Nathaniel Dokkan Dag geleden
Hey guys guess what we wont live past this bs so it dont matter k
CocioKing Dag geleden
This video made me vegan
Vince's Son
Vince's Son Dag geleden
But can they make plant based chicken??
Michiel Hoeree
Michiel Hoeree Dag geleden
My respect for you incriesed 10 fold when you did the force opening door thing.
Georgi Tsit
Georgi Tsit Dag geleden
Gordon Ramsay: ITS RAW
DCPhoto Dag geleden
I'm sorry, did you just throw a frozen veggie burger on a plate to justify why you don't like eating them?
Solex Dag geleden
bil geta Is my Wiafy=u
Yashir Hassan
Yashir Hassan Dag geleden
You’re lucky he is a nice billionare
1mRAAAH Dag geleden
“And 3) good for planet”. Written on a huge piece of wood.................
Demxnizatixn Dag geleden
reminds of that one south park episode with the burger king impossible whopper and tricking cartman into eating plant based meat thinking he is eating real meat
EPIC GAMER Dag geleden
if this 'meat' is plant based does it mean its halal or not
Abraham Shekelbergstien
It’s not halal because it’s not healthy
Der Chips
Der Chips Dag geleden
By the way. Hes not the richest :D, Jeff Bezos is it
mike Carr
mike Carr Dag geleden
Damn mark, i thought u were smart. I guess i was wrong.
Someone Dag geleden
imagine going to the store and picking up a vegetable other then another right next to it, but not knowing the other one is what Mark Rober is gonna make into a burger to give to BILL GATES
BlocksPlayTV Dag geleden
I am so hungry now
fit AF83
fit AF83 Dag geleden
@markrober I love your vids, always give great content. However this Vid and videos like this promoting the plant based diet and TOTALLY demonising the meat industry I just can't deal with. You can get some great meat sources. Totally plant based diet isn't always the answer, not just the GMOs but think of the vitamins and minerals you are giving up by giving up meat.
Elena Dag geleden
Im going to keep eating what I like and I'll just let others experiment on themselfs and their kids. We will see if this turns out to be better.
Dominick Russell
Dominick Russell Dag geleden
he wasn't the richest the richest is the creator of amazon
Sean Koenigs
Sean Koenigs Dag geleden
I love meat plants ain’t ever gonna be able to fully substitute meat for me
just do stuff like India does (almost)everybody is vegetarian Including me
Zile Dag geleden
Meatless Monday: ahhhh, great! Another reason to hate mondays!
Joshua Lomax
Joshua Lomax Dag geleden
I love how I’m watching this while eating meat.
Nopoe Dag geleden
what i do to eat less meat is i eat less in general
ViLe Dag geleden
"Put my colon-ary skills to the test." Ah yes the prolapsing of the anus cuisine.
Professor Smoothiess
if half of the world become vegan farm animals will overpopulate the earth. its balance friend balance
pema namgyal
pema namgyal Dag geleden
when bill stood up to shake your hand. thats a man of principle right there.
90PercentHuman Dag geleden
Wanted to try those but in my country they don't sell those brands :(
Kool.AID.Klutches Dag geleden
I'm on a plant based diet this month. It's okay. But it's way to hard to get or make something proper. Especially when you go out. And eggs or cheese replacement is also limited. So much products use it. Then my granny thinks it's inconvenient and lacking fats or protein. Tldr: it's not integrated in society enough to work.
SaLty Hunter mAin
SaLty Hunter mAin Dag geleden
Vegans: disgusting you eat meat you animals.. Also vegans: let’s make plants that look like meat !
vojti666ek Dag geleden
Problem is, to eat food that is better for u and mostly for planet, u cant be someone who lives from salary to salary. If i would eat healthier and better food for planet, i would be able to do so for like half a month. The other half i would be starving.
Sirs _
Sirs _ Dag geleden
vojti666ek I agree.
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