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hasan jamaluddin
hasan jamaluddin 3 uur geleden
Jezza because he has Messi and neymar
Johan Philander
Johan Philander 5 uur geleden
Allison is the best
Chander Wadhwa
Chander Wadhwa 21 uur geleden
Team Jezza
PBD Clan
PBD Clan 21 uur geleden
Allison's da best GK
Iman Denis
Iman Denis Dag geleden
Of course jezza
Super Neylo
Super Neylo Dag geleden
Jezza's team would win also y don't u play a match after u get ur players
2010aeae Dag geleden
Billy screams, I hope jezza misses
2010aeae Dag geleden
Yahya Naeem
Yahya Naeem Dag geleden
Yahya Naeem
Yahya Naeem Dag geleden
Team billy
Pritam Dey
Pritam Dey Dag geleden
Obviously billy's's partially a complete team. A centre back, a attacking midfielder and 2 forwards. I would like the formation like 1-1-1-2
Charlie Cooper
Charlie Cooper Dag geleden
billy because he has some defence
Chalo Mwila
Chalo Mwila 2 dagen geleden
jezza won
Jaheim nunes
Jaheim nunes 2 dagen geleden
it seems like jezza's team might win but billy has ronaldo so it's hard
Mustapha Gary
Mustapha Gary 2 dagen geleden
I like Billy’s,man this is the best football Chanel ever
A.Fatah Sheikh
A.Fatah Sheikh 2 dagen geleden
Billy will win because he have the player in the world it is ronaldo
sanyude pottatharam media
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma 2 dagen geleden
Man Jezz’s Golden shoes look nice
Doni Reid
Doni Reid 2 dagen geleden
Jezza team
Beyhan İmamoğlu
Beyhan İmamoğlu 2 dagen geleden
Noah straforelli
Noah straforelli 3 dagen geleden
Jezza’s team because neymar Messi and mbappe unstoppable
chili portugal
chili portugal 3 dagen geleden
Oh ye
Lampros 3 dagen geleden
Anotha one
Huawei Huawei
Huawei Huawei 3 dagen geleden
Jezza 😎😎😎
Hadidas Tekkz
Hadidas Tekkz 3 dagen geleden
@team billy
Clapster 3 dagen geleden
i choose Jezz!
Fatema Zehra Ravjani
Fatema Zehra Ravjani 3 dagen geleden
Billy won
Hevesi Péter
Hevesi Péter 4 dagen geleden
حق العرب
حق العرب 4 dagen geleden
bravo bravo plz 4000 aboni
FootballHD 4 dagen geleden
Terstegen is better than anyone on this world
Justin Thelan
Justin Thelan 4 dagen geleden
Akiiro Thomas
Akiiro Thomas 5 dagen geleden
Team Billy
kris chatterjee
kris chatterjee 5 dagen geleden
team jezza will win no doubt
Theo Tilton
Theo Tilton 5 dagen geleden
Jezza hit Neymar the first time, you can see it skimming the card
Aj Engs
Aj Engs 5 dagen geleden
Who is better? Like=billy Reply=jezza
Saifuzzaman Sinan gaming, sports, etc
Jeeja will win
Saifuzzaman Sinan gaming, sports, etc
I think Stegen is no 1
Magezi Emmanuel
Magezi Emmanuel 5 dagen geleden
Team jezza
Jo Foster
Jo Foster 5 dagen geleden
Allison is much better than 1 rated oblak who is rubish
FIFA MASTER RONALDO 5 dagen geleden
Billy will won
Daniel Galpin
Daniel Galpin 6 dagen geleden
Team billy
Daniel Galpin
Daniel Galpin 6 dagen geleden
Dr. Sharmin Ahmed
Dr. Sharmin Ahmed 6 dagen geleden
Oblak is my favourite goalkeeper
Michael makhoha
Michael makhoha 6 dagen geleden
fojohan fifa
fojohan fifa 6 dagen geleden
team Jezza has won it!!!
Laty LARTEY 6 dagen geleden
BILLY wins
Laty LARTEY 6 dagen geleden
OBLAK is the number one keeper in the world
Habib Kasam
Habib Kasam 6 dagen geleden
Habib Kasam
Habib Kasam 6 dagen geleden
Alison is the best golkeeper
Zappykiddd _
Zappykiddd _ 6 dagen geleden
I think alisson is the best keeper in the world
SARAH Middleton
SARAH Middleton 7 dagen geleden
Alison best keeper in world
techy master
techy master 7 dagen geleden
Jezza team members like me
Tiziano Elia Altissimi
Tiziano Elia Altissimi 7 dagen geleden
Billy wins for me!
Alicia Weekes
Alicia Weekes 7 dagen geleden
Alicia Weekes
Alicia Weekes 7 dagen geleden
oblak is best keeper
Mayte Pérez Dosío
Mayte Pérez Dosío 8 dagen geleden
MASSYAS Thomas 8 dagen geleden
subhasis mishra
subhasis mishra 8 dagen geleden
Billy’s team is better
Nalisha Dias
Nalisha Dias 8 dagen geleden
Alisson Becker
subhasis mishra
subhasis mishra 8 dagen geleden
Allison Is the best GK in the world
Francina Sehume
Francina Sehume 8 dagen geleden
Simon Iovu
Simon Iovu 8 dagen geleden
Katerina Main
Katerina Main 8 dagen geleden
I think Billy is going to be the best team
Spencer Wood
Spencer Wood 8 dagen geleden
1,200 hp
1,200 hp 8 dagen geleden
Allison beaker is the best
Ronaldo Cr7
Ronaldo Cr7 8 dagen geleden
Melisa Traferri
Melisa Traferri 8 dagen geleden
billy all the way
Hussein Zameli
Hussein Zameli 9 dagen geleden
I think messi is under mapped on the left side of mo Salah
Lavery Greenfield
Lavery Greenfield 9 dagen geleden
I hate Neymar but I think jezza
Yasmin Akter
Yasmin Akter 10 dagen geleden
Jezzz 4 life
Fergus Lees
Fergus Lees 10 dagen geleden
Billy's team probably just edges it for me
Kyriakos Arambatzis
Kyriakos Arambatzis 10 dagen geleden
Ammar Ysf
Ammar Ysf 10 dagen geleden
Cherian Thomas Karippaparambil
Jezza doesn't have any defence
Yang Jayden
Yang Jayden 10 dagen geleden
Ummm ter stergen is steonger
hundo bandoking k
hundo bandoking k 10 dagen geleden
Team jezza
raja waiz
raja waiz 10 dagen geleden
LiveDetroit 10 dagen geleden
oblak second de gea first
xavi alihusain
xavi alihusain 11 dagen geleden
Courtois is better then oblak
Osama Alabass
Osama Alabass 11 dagen geleden