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Tate McRae
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AHHH HIII BABES. IM BACK AT IT AGAIN W THE ORIGINALS:) HERE'S one i wrote for my older brother..... stay safe and healthy love u guys
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22 mrt. 2020




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Loreabetse Legotlho
Loreabetse Legotlho 6 uur geleden
Even though this is specifically to brothers, I sent it to my guy friend. We've only known each other for 9 months and I moved during the 4th month. We didn't keep in touch after that. I sent him this song and now we call each other when we can.
Aswa Wimaya
Aswa Wimaya 7 uur geleden
Gabby 13 uur geleden
Tate McRae ‘s Fan
I want to send this to my brother sooo bad but he died 😭 he was the only brother
Golden Queen
Golden Queen Dag geleden
My Brother be saying he a man and he only 12 and I'm 11
Giulia Calligher
Giulia Calligher 2 dagen geleden
I have a older brother and we were such good friends as babies but as we grew we drifted away and argued more. We said things we can’t take back.
Saaranya Singh τία
Saaranya Singh τία 2 dagen geleden
I need a big bro
yellooowbrowniez 2 dagen geleden
Why are you so pretty?
Agata Pawela
Agata Pawela 2 dagen geleden
I have 3 brothers, this is so relatable
Layla R.c
Layla R.c 2 dagen geleden
nicole 2 dagen geleden
this needs to be on spotify PLEASEE
kinxchii chan %*
kinxchii chan %* 3 dagen geleden
My brother is 12 years older than me and I barely see him any more.. although he is my step brother I should see him more. It all changed when he got a girlfriend.. I love his girlfriend and all because she’s like a sister to me
Emily Jewell
Emily Jewell 3 dagen geleden
God: *Mixes Billie Ellish and Mackenzie Ziegler* Everyone: Holy-
Crunch.Cakes. 3 dagen geleden
Hi, you don’t know me, but you can know some of my story. my brother never has time for me. We’re a 4 year age gap, he’ll be a junior this coming school year. All my life we’ve bonded for probably a month total, in my 11/12 years of living. He always doesn’t talk to me, yells at me, etc. I wish he just loved me and showed it. But he never will. I eventually got sick of being around him so like 80% I wish we didn’t live in the same house, travel in the same car, etc. My brother lost his chance to know me. And before he says that he knows me, he doesn’t. he can’t begin to explain what it’s like for me because he never asks. My brother lost his chance to know me, he’ll graduate soon, not knowing what to even get me for my birthday. Oh yeah, he doesn’t even make me a card. It can’t be the thought that counts if there is nothing to appreciate. It feels like the second we get closer we drift farther apart again. You visited me when I was born, but now I wish you wouldn’t have. I wish that you held someone else that day, not me. I wish you could know what it’s like brother. -your sister Thanks for reading all of this if u did
XxgachasushixX 3 dagen geleden
I want to send this to my older sister... I cried a year ago when she let me hug her, she never talks to me and has never stood up for me.. when my mom said she would put her up for adoption I ended up standing up for her and she said how about I put you up for adoption too.. I love you voice it's so beautiful keep working hard
Just Lia
Just Lia 3 dagen geleden
This hit me different thinking that me and my brother really lose our bond a year ago and right now, we're not what we were before. I miss our closeness. I miss my brother.
Janell Vasquez
Janell Vasquez 4 dagen geleden
I love u sm everthing you say in ur songs I feel you like u post just at the time I needed and thank you so so much cause you saved my life
Janell Vasquez
Janell Vasquez 3 dagen geleden
@Rosie Purple is because I have a friend and I've known him ever since we were 5 literally and he has a girlfriend and i have a boyfriend and we barely spend time together and it feels like no one is in my corner thank you it means alot that u care
Rosie Purple
Rosie Purple 3 dagen geleden
Janell Vasquez why what happened if it feeling sad had wanting to die I feel u
Megan Hills
Megan Hills 4 dagen geleden
Here’s my story that has never been shared before. I was 6 when I met my older step-brother and older step-sister. Me and my brother were best friends. We’d spend most weekends together round my house and would call most evenings with my friends. Then as he got older, he started to become ‘to cool’ to talk to me anymore, to play with me. Then over the past year my step-dad and brother and sister got into so many arguements. They didn’t talk to us anymore. I was no longer allowed to call him my brother. It was hard, extremely hard. Then everything sort of got resolved, then once again everything broke to pieces. We got into an arguement via text. He didn’t call me his sister anymore, i didn’t call him my brother. I missed him so much but he wasn’t allowed in our house. Then this weekend they finally came over after 6 months. It was like the old times, me and him played with my 4year old sister and it was so fun, we laughed for hours and looked back at our old videos. I’m just worried that will be the last time for this next year I’ll see him. I’m finally allowed to call him my brother again. It’ll just never mean the same. Also, this doesn’t sound that bad but imagine being split from your best friend, your big brother. It hurt, it still does. But just know it all gets better in the end, someday. It hasn’t happened to us as a family yet but it will. You matter
Rosie Purple
Rosie Purple 3 dagen geleden
Megan Hills ty ur amazing I am sorry for what u had to go through I feel like my sister just hates me but ik that she doesn’t talk to me for a reason
wznderlust 4 dagen geleden
"Dear Brother" 3am on a Friday night Driving down the highway We just saying nothing Wish I could read your mind But I barely know it at all Guess that's probably my fault I wish that I could hold on to everything I wish that I could just have another minute Scares me to think that we'll grow up And I'll barely know you So one day when we're living our lives I hope that we're just fine Hope that I know what you're going through One day I hope that you'll call me And tell me your problems When you're just so lost Don't know what to do Heard that it's just when you're younger That things seem harder So I'm really hoping that talk is true Just wanna be clear That I have this big fear I won't know you in five years So can you stay right here? mmh So can you stay right here?
happy meal
happy meal 4 dagen geleden
Brother pushes me away I just want to love him but it is like he hates me
Yasmine _here
Yasmine _here 5 dagen geleden
Hey Tate McRae i really love your voice and your so beautiful and i hope that you see this i really love you ❤️🥰💖
Brynleigh Politsch
Brynleigh Politsch 5 dagen geleden
I was here since her first song which actually is kind of embarrassing for me bc it had something to do with my crush..👉🏻👈🏻 she is my mind inspiration!
Maria Gabriela Hernandez Mendez
How do I send this to my brother without sending it to my brother? This hits too hard
Vanessa Perejan
Vanessa Perejan 5 dagen geleden
When tate sang "it scares me to think that we'll grow up and ill barely know ya" i felt that today ill be saying ur so annoying go way to my bro but i just want to say that know matter what happens i love u bro and i hope u live ur best life and ill keep the memories that we have now
Abigale Thompson
Abigale Thompson 6 dagen geleden
I love this!!! My brother just graduated last week and he is moving out this week and I’m scared I’m going to lose him😭
Gail Frost
Gail Frost 6 dagen geleden
You should put this on Spotify and everything else it is such a good song please tell me if you read this it would mean so much to me if you did please and thank you😘
Alizabeth Engholm
Alizabeth Engholm 7 dagen geleden
I'm Nearly crying! I want to sing this to my brother but I'm not very good at singing, Tate, Any tips?
Autumn Knox
Autumn Knox 7 dagen geleden
My brothers are graduating this year and honestly it scares me to think that I don't know them. I don't know their thoughts and their worries. I've lived with them all my life yet I still only know the minimum facts. Yet I wish I could be there for them and let them talk to me about their struggles. I'm scared that they will meet some girl, fall in love, and she will know them better in a month than I have for many years. I just wish I could somehow, in these last few months
Melisa TEKER
Melisa TEKER 7 dagen geleden
Wow... He didn’t comment to this video Such a nice brother.....
Ximena Escobar
Ximena Escobar 8 dagen geleden
me: this can't make sadder than I already am sec <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="27">0:27</a>: *drowning in my own tears* brO I see people scared for things going to change in five years, I'm just scared for the fact that in five years things just staying the same that's terrifying
lalicious 8 dagen geleden
chill, i don't even know my brothers anymore and my relationship with my sister is fading :(
Addy Lake
Addy Lake 8 dagen geleden
My brother leaves for the marines on the 15th I’m so proud of him and imma miss him so much 💔
Lyka Marie
Lyka Marie 9 dagen geleden
It hurts more when u don't have a brother.
Dino Buccolier
Dino Buccolier 9 dagen geleden
My brother hates me, he hurts me constantly. I still love him, I always have, and I always will. He’ll probably never love me, but I’ll always love him.
Rosie Purple
Rosie Purple 9 dagen geleden
Dino Buccolier same but with my sis
Marie Lonergan
Marie Lonergan 9 dagen geleden
please do more like this
Ashley Herbert
Ashley Herbert 10 dagen geleden
You know your songs are amazing you should make a lot of them that aren’t official songs actual official songs
Esmeralda Ambia Hossain Jallaza
I think it would be better if u don't edit the voice too much It's kinda hurt my ear IT'S NOT A HATE COMMENT!
Rosie Purple
Rosie Purple 9 dagen geleden
She does concerts and she sound the same
Keerat Gandhi
Keerat Gandhi 11 dagen geleden
I cry on the thought of her becoming too famous... I have been here since the start and I don't want to leave...
ItsRyannG 11 dagen geleden
Kaitlyn Rosario
Kaitlyn Rosario 11 dagen geleden
Subscribe to : Kaitlyn Rosario I will be posting some videos soon, I'm in the process of writing a ton of songs. Thank you so much My channel isnt much but I am trying really hard to make my channel into an everyday thing and a start to a music career.
Rona Goodlove
Rona Goodlove 12 dagen geleden
It hurts me so much, that I am only 13 years old, and I’m already drifting away from my brother (10 y/o). I don’t think we will have that much contact in the future, and I feel terrible. Because it is actually my fault. I have depression and a lot more, so I haven’t had time for him.
Clara Garza
Clara Garza 12 dagen geleden
I wanna send this to my brother I haven’t seen in 6 years but he blocked me on messages and it sucks really bad when you just try to ask someone how they’re doing and then they block you
Mary Barningham
Mary Barningham 12 dagen geleden
how the frick do u sing like this ligit i always used too (still do) lay down play your music and its inspiring me to write my own music i truly look up to her xx
Hafiy Musyrif
Hafiy Musyrif 13 dagen geleden
Pls release thing song i would buy it on my iTunes
Bill Green
Bill Green 13 dagen geleden
Sometimes Tate's lyrics can be like a spear to the heart.
Medha das
Medha das 14 dagen geleden
Can I know how do you add that echo and editing of voice like which software??
Nina A
Nina A 15 dagen geleden
I felt every word of it 🥺😢
Cathy Burke
Cathy Burke 16 dagen geleden
“Wish I could read your mind, but I barely know you” This hit hard
sharon Talbot
sharon Talbot 17 dagen geleden
Honestly she's the reason why I'm trying to start to write songs
Megan Mullins
Megan Mullins 17 dagen geleden
"so can you stay right here"
Jess Mckay
Jess Mckay 17 dagen geleden
This song, My brother and I don’t get along but we do. He’s in the army, But his mental health isn’t good, So I’m scared that he’d never come back home. 😕
Jordan Du Toit
Jordan Du Toit 18 dagen geleden
tate u are a great singer try out for got talent
Aliyah Fernandez
Aliyah Fernandez 19 dagen geleden
me: when you have two older sisters and they tell each other everything but don’t tell you because you are too young to know i hate being the youngest
Tyler Dagpin
Tyler Dagpin 19 dagen geleden
Now I wish I have a brother😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
KULII ABRAHAMS 21 dag geleden
I lost my oldest brother at 8 I've got some memories but it's fading and I really hate that, I wish we could remember everything. My 2 second oldest brothers are not around anymore but at least I still have my youngest brother who is 21 and we still having fun times. But I do miss them
Eijirou Kirishima
Eijirou Kirishima 21 dag geleden
I have a brother and this is really relatable.It always crosses my mind that things might stay this way.
Lucky101 21 dag geleden
This is my 10th time listening to this song today. I went back and watched some old crappy youtube videos i made with my brother who is now 16. Watching those videos just make me realise how precious childhood is and to never wish to grow up. As i sit in my bed crying at 1 in the morning i wish so bad i could reverse time to spend more time with him. And its crazy to think that only 3 years ago he was the same age i am now. And ya i do have this big fear that i wont know him in 5 years.
Yush Gween
Yush Gween 22 dagen geleden
I love so many song and just like 3 months ago I found out a lot of them were by you! :DDD
kaylee lockhart Lockhart
kaylee lockhart Lockhart 23 dagen geleden
I love yoir songs so much....ur so talented
Epic 25 dagen geleden
whos driving at 3AM?!??
-Elizabeth Joy-
-Elizabeth Joy- 25 dagen geleden
omg this is so sweet...i have 2 brothers...❤️
Nurul Syuhada
Nurul Syuhada 26 dagen geleden
I came to cry. Me and bro was having a small fight,but it hurts a lot. There so many things I wanna ask him. Unfortunately,I'm scared to ask. My bro is 18,which is crazy,he will turn to an adult real soon but I still barely know nothing about him.
Nurul Syuhada
Nurul Syuhada 8 dagen geleden
@lalith waniganetti thanks for your advice. I appreciate your kindness ❤️
lalith waniganetti
lalith waniganetti 8 dagen geleden
cuz life is too short you dont know what happens next day before its too late go and talk
lalith waniganetti
lalith waniganetti 8 dagen geleden
trust me and go and talk to him
Chew Fong Yap
Chew Fong Yap 27 dagen geleden
My brother and I were so close and he just faded in my hurts so much......
Park jimochiii
Park jimochiii 28 dagen geleden
My brother is a peace of shit dude
Gacha Hyena
Gacha Hyena Maand geleden
Reminds me of Roman and Remus, XD
Iris Jantz
Iris Jantz Maand geleden
*message sent*
*ahhh *
*ahhh * Maand geleden
I cried at this!!! This is do good Tate omg This can also go if you have a younger brother like me and you are the one moving away in a couple years😭
gabriella Kassab
gabriella Kassab Maand geleden
I wanna send this to my brother so badly but he will juts make fun me I wanna send this to both of my brothers
Angel mochi
Angel mochi Maand geleden
I just lost the greatest gift that was my brother. He just passed away.......
lalith waniganetti
lalith waniganetti 2 dagen geleden
@Angel mochi welcome dear
Angel mochi
Angel mochi 2 dagen geleden
@lalith waniganetti thank you it really means alot
lalith waniganetti
lalith waniganetti 2 dagen geleden
@Angel mochi maybe he did it to make you stronger for ur future remember after a storm there comes a rainbow that is why a catterpillar turns to a butterfly....
Angel mochi
Angel mochi 7 dagen geleden
@lalith waniganetti sometimes we just have to take it as a bad dream because it's God's plan and no one could change it
lalith waniganetti
lalith waniganetti 8 dagen geleden
im so sorry for ur loss
N E S S A H I L L Maand geleden
Oh my gosh! Tate is growing so fast she is so so beautiful and I love her a lot x I have been here since basically day 1. She helps me through my darkest times
Dani Maand geleden
is it bad that i felt this on so many levels, haha😅
Xx__terrible gacha Xx__
This is a great song but it’s so true with me and my brothers then and I don’t really talk much and the reason we don’t is because all we ever do is fight and argue with each other I wish I could change it but I can’t but I really do love them..
Gabypage.X Maand geleden
My brothers ignored me for 8 years, this song just gets to me🥺I’d do anything to see him again :(
Mckayla Grace
Mckayla Grace Maand geleden
Your voice is so beautiful good job!!!
Gacha_bear124 Gacha life
It hurts cause it’s true with my older brother
Zoya Shahid
Zoya Shahid Maand geleden
I wanna send this to my brother but... He is 4
Ella Hurley
Ella Hurley Maand geleden
This song is the definition of me and my brother
unicorns are real
unicorns are real Maand geleden
it’s weird how youtube recommended this to me as i was just thinking about a situation that this song perfectly describes.. so i have a guy-bestfriend.. it’s not romantic or anything like that were’re just friends.. but recently our friendship hasn’t been as strong, because of problems and fights we had a few months ago... and it scares me to think that we might not be as close as we once were.. and it scares me to think that he may not be there for me in the future.. that one day we’ll be strangers.. i don’t want that to happen i don’t want to lose him.. he’s so special to me we’ve been best friends for over 3 years now and i love him too much to let him go but this song.. it gave me chills because that’s exactly what i was feeling.. and to have someone put it into words so beautifully.. love that song and love your voice
Julia Rosu
Julia Rosu Maand geleden
this makes me wanna cry..
jojo_aj Maand geleden
i cant im crying rn this is me this is so relatable i......