10 ways Linux is just better! 

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IOS, Android, OSX, Windows….. Now for Linux’s time in the spotlight. We reached out to our community again and you gave us lots to work with. Let's see why Linux is just better!
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Reacties 80   
Spencer Linkous
Spencer Linkous 7 uur geleden
I have that penguin. rotfl it's true
StaticFanfare 8 uur geleden
I literally have the same penguin in the backround/thumbnail
Sandy Ross
Sandy Ross 13 uur geleden
I'm not sure if he stole the "I GNU that" or not, but it's still great.
Quirky Science
Quirky Science 14 uur geleden
*wakes up in the middle of the night *"It's free real estate"*
Stefan Dorran
Stefan Dorran 17 uur geleden
When he said Stefan 😂
Denmart Badon
Denmart Badon 20 uur geleden
Linus = Linux Get It?
Christoffer Sundbom
Christoffer Sundbom 21 uur geleden
1162 hardcore windows fans
train123z 22 uur geleden
What the shi-I seriously thought for a *very* long time that a Linux was actually called "Linus" (for some reason) so I always thought you were a channel dedicated to making Linux tech tips. I hate my life.
andrew Dag geleden
10 ways Linus is just better!
jbs36 Dag geleden
Virtual desktops have been available in linux since the beginning. X11R5 window managers that predate linux and ran on the original versions of XFree86 had this feature.
My Reviews
My Reviews Dag geleden
In other words, linux is like the universe, the possibilities are literally endless.
KaiLikesLinux 23 uur geleden
Yeah pretty much, where the only limitation is your imagination and if it doesn't exist, your coding skills (for things not yet made)
sidharth cs
sidharth cs Dag geleden
watching on my ubuntu machine
Darrell Octavianus
Darrell Octavianus Dag geleden
For a second there i thought it was "10 ways Linus is just better!"
xXMountain DewXx
xXMountain DewXx Dag geleden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="660">11:00</a> poor freebsd
KaiLikesLinux 23 uur geleden
Lucky FreeBSD will basically never die as many companies basically need it to live
BuenaBros Dag geleden
Hey Linus, which Linux Distros do you recommend for all purposes?
gilkesisking Dag geleden
@PixelTiger Pretty much.
PixelTiger Dag geleden
when in doubt, install pop-os.
gilkesisking Dag geleden
There isn't one. There are distro's that are made for "gaming" or "media creation" or "pen testing" etc and then there are "general purpose" disto's, that's probably what you want. A "general purpose" distro comes with minimal apps installed then you the user set's up and installs the apps you want. Ubuntu or PopOS for beginners, Manjaro or Arch for the more experienced who want to do a lot of tweaking and set up.
Manasij Sen Sarma
Manasij Sen Sarma 2 dagen geleden
Read the title as 10 ways that Linus is just better and was very confused why he's hating on penguins
Aryan Mn
Aryan Mn 2 dagen geleden
Really good vid
Hugh Cramer
Hugh Cramer 2 dagen geleden
Water Shuriken
Water Shuriken 2 dagen geleden missed out on a know all that stuff you said what makes macOS good? Well there's free implementations of the same functionality on linux..........and boy is it wow! checkout kdeconnect(syncing phone & PC) & krunner(instead of spotlight). They're AMAZING!
Rebekah Artman
Rebekah Artman 2 dagen geleden
My comment is how do you use Linux when you know nothing about coding or things like that?
gilkesisking Dag geleden
Install Ubuntu or PopOS, there you go. You don't need to know "coding" for those.
Rebekah Artman
Rebekah Artman 2 dagen geleden
Most of the games my husband plays don’t work on anything newer than Windows XP. Is there a viable way to play them on Linux (without WINE)?
Dylan Bradford
Dylan Bradford 2 dagen geleden
I hit my keyboard when that blue screen showed up
Sh1in_ 2 dagen geleden
Sh1in_ 18 uur geleden
@KaiLikesLinux its ironic dont worry
KaiLikesLinux 23 uur geleden
@Sh1in_ I am so confused
Sh1in_ 2 dagen geleden
sorry wrong chat
cal 2 dagen geleden
I'm suprised he didn't slip in 10 ways Line-ux is better. Punderful opportunity missed..
Harry Harry
Harry Harry 2 dagen geleden
What language is this man speaking?
KaiLikesLinux 23 uur geleden
gilkesisking 2 dagen geleden
arikelvara 2 dagen geleden
arikelvara 22 uur geleden
@KaiLikesLinux I wish they didn't update the title lol 😂.
KaiLikesLinux 22 uur geleden
@arikelvara Oh! I seemed to have missed that lol
arikelvara 23 uur geleden
KaiLikesLinux 23 uur geleden
Joe McCay
Joe McCay 2 dagen geleden
Before IBM jumped on the Linux bandwagon, they created a test project where they put Linux on a watch.
Lucas 2 dagen geleden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="498">8:18</a> Alpine Linux dont use GNU and can run any "GNU/Linux" binary package, and also freebsd os compatible with "GNU/Linux" packages because all are Unix like systems and they usually use Wayland or Xorg in their GUI
Cio Dokop
Cio Dokop 2 dagen geleden
anothony is holding a gun....
The Bester Gamer
The Bester Gamer 2 dagen geleden
Im done with having candy crush saga preinstall on every new pc i get.
Andry Tafa
Andry Tafa 3 uur geleden
Try manjaro KDE
Disturbly 12 uur geleden
Debloat your damn pc
Justinknew 1
Justinknew 1 2 dagen geleden
I thought the title said "10 ways Linus is just better"
NoobAndPro_L0L 2 dagen geleden
Yup no windows errors with my pc :D
GamingMouse 2 dagen geleden
Watching from arch linux btw
Kat the Foxtaur
Kat the Foxtaur 2 dagen geleden
Oh my god, I forgot about the flying toasters... Also, -Linux- Linus opening a video to talk about Linux by putting on a Fedora.. x3
Sabin Baral
Sabin Baral 3 dagen geleden
I gnu that
Ares Arts
Ares Arts 3 dagen geleden
Anyone who says "Umm actually it's GNU/Linux, not just Linux" and shit along those lines is a twat
pixlot 3 dagen geleden
#comand_line 4 71F3
TheBlackiwid 3 dagen geleden
Even the 2% is not that great and if we consider smartphones as pcs and Android not as GNU/Linux the number goes even much much more down. But still the number is misleading, yes relative it only well had 100% groth rate in 10 years but the amount of pc's / notebooks exploded in that timeframe probably 1000% or (10 times) so in absolute numbers linux has today probaly 20 times as much users than 10 years ago.
praetorxyn 3 dagen geleden
Linux IS objectively superior as an operating system in and of itself. It's more secure, more stable, more customizable, more efficient, uses less resources, and I'd argue if you're setting up a PC for grandma who's never used a computer before (and therefore doesn't expect it to behave like Windows) that it's easier to use too. The only things Windows does better are enterprise things like Active Directory and Exchange Server. The problem is vendor support due to Microsoft's monopoly in the 90's.
xX Rainz Xx
xX Rainz Xx 3 dagen geleden
linux tech tips
me m
me m 3 dagen geleden
HAHAHA... this is hilarious because the next video is 10 ways windows is better by linus tech tips
jbrg9339 3 dagen geleden
Btw I run arch
WaldoTheRanger 3 dagen geleden
for some reason all my captions say is "sex 3d" I'm scared
Mike Mckay
Mike Mckay 3 dagen geleden
hey Linus, next time you drop something on camera can you PLEASE say "gravity really gets me down at times" :) Pwitty pwease :)
SATYAM AGARWAL 3 dagen geleden
Web browser part is recorded on windows. LOL dude
Nikeloff 3 dagen geleden
nice 13 mins of stand-up, haha
Elgoog 3 dagen geleden
Just don't use Crapbuntu. Take something sane like OpenSUSE.
Brais Jorge
Brais Jorge 3 dagen geleden
To be honest i'm using windows right now becouse DAW software... and i have to say that i hate it more and more every day that passes... And becouse of storage (500Gb of Virtual Instruments plus Games) i have no space for a linux partition and i've never been so fkn scared of loosing everything any time for no reason... Windows keeps crashing every single day... every new day is a new adventure of fixing things that shouldn't be fixed but you know.... Windows... I used to be a ubuntu/elementary user and I tryed really hard trying to broke linux making terrible customization becouse of my lack of technical knowlege and yes... nothing happens it just keeps working... So... I have to recommend to have at least a partition with a linux system not for performance but becouse safety... One of those days where Windows just stops working... Go to your linux partition, recover all your data get rid of windows (or reinstall it if you have some kind of technological BDSM) and you're good to go.
Brais Jorge
Brais Jorge 3 dagen geleden
@gilkesisking yes, but not the one i need (and paid for)
gilkesisking 3 dagen geleden
Linux has DAW software.
Phuzion1 3 dagen geleden
What a load of bollocks. Sugar coating a turd.
gilkesisking 3 dagen geleden
Windows marketing?
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia 4 dagen geleden
I subscribed to this channel because I thought that it was a Linux related channel, then I realized it wasn't but now I can see it slowly turn into a Linux related channel
Ugly-051 4 dagen geleden
Linus telling it as it is. Linux.
quick chicken
quick chicken 4 dagen geleden
most of win 10 apps are plug-n-play,so why load 2 or more programs just to play a game and win 10 actually has support
gilkesisking 3 dagen geleden
This. Linux has plenty of native game support too and computers aren't just about playing games. Linux apps are plug-n-play too.
L Diamond
L Diamond 4 dagen geleden
Linux Ubuntu
Linux Ubuntu 4 dagen geleden
Yes, "Linux is better" is true. You can make your own OS, You can run your own server, And more. (what about my name?)
57thStIncident 4 dagen geleden
I don’t know why Microsoft would get credit for After Dark. It appeared first on the Mac well before the Windows version and it was a commercial product from Berkeley Systems.
Richard Addison
Richard Addison 4 dagen geleden
It's GNU/Linux :-)
Walker Firmin
Walker Firmin 4 dagen geleden
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAYING DISTROS AND NOT FLAVORS!!! Gosh dang I hate when people call Linux flavors! It is so cringy! Linus you got some respect for that.
Cali Qm
Cali Qm 4 dagen geleden
Not you specifically,Stefan "When he said that I freaked out I almost dropped my Swiss army knife which hopefully has a Phillip's head screwdriver"
Cypress Frankenfeld
Cypress Frankenfeld 4 dagen geleden
I'm watching on an Android phone, which is built off of the Linux Kernel. Android is the most popular operating system in the world.
Netflix Trial
Netflix Trial 4 dagen geleden
Please make an video on Windows OS Active Directory alternative in Linux.
eddieisfiction 3 dagen geleden
Netflix Trial Linux directory system is essentially like that as default. You can customize your directory to be what you want and have it span multiple drives or Computers on your network. Windows active directory is the response to how Linux naturally works
Alex Landherr
Alex Landherr 5 dagen geleden
I first got into Linux distros with Tails OS, now I’m on Raspbian on my Pi4B.
Alex Landherr
Alex Landherr 5 dagen geleden
I expected the penguin from Wallace & Gromit somehow...
TheCustom FHD
TheCustom FHD 5 dagen geleden
Its free real estate
Icterine Tech
Icterine Tech 5 dagen geleden
This is always looking more attractive.
ADN 5 dagen geleden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="560">9:20</a> shoutout Luke Smith
Sanya Chag
Sanya Chag 5 dagen geleden
I love how the update thing was 69%
Georgi Var
Georgi Var 5 dagen geleden
As a long time Linux user, whose primary machine was dual-boot CentOS and Windows 7, when Windows 10 came out along with its long string of unsavory "features" I decided to leave Windows altogether and switch to... MacOS. Got a new MacBook, wiped Windows machine clean and installed RHEL on it and using Android smartphone. You'd say it's a cacophony of operating systems, and you may have a point, but only if you are purist. I am not, and most people aren't, purists. All we want is get our job done. Android does it solely on price point, MacOS does it on hardware quality, support and hardware+software integration and RHEL does it on niche tasks when you need a "set-n-forget" machine that is always on. I've learned to not buy one bit into Linux advocacy. Linux is for current and/or aspiring sysadmins, data scientists and other technology- related but niche professionals, and not for the masses. Over the years, Linux has failed me in ways flawed and faulty Windows never had. Hardware integration remains Linux' sore point. It will do just fine as a virtual machine, as a container that never gets updated, as an enviroment for students' experiments and explorations, but once you even start thinking about virtual machines, please count yourself out of the pool of "regular users" because regular users don't do virtual machines. If you aren't a regular user nor a purist and interested only in getting your tasks done, by now you have realized that OSes themselves are plunging into the abyss of being irrelevant and that more and more of what is OS- specific features and advantages is now moving into the cloud.
techZoNe 5 dagen geleden
Nvidia is mother fucking monster from hell 😁😁... fucking kick on there ass .. their open source driver sucking ass 😁😁😁😁😁
Permanently Disappointed
Permanently Disappointed 5 dagen geleden
Lets be honest here, outside actual professional networks Linux is for hipster incel nerds.
gilkesisking 5 dagen geleden
I'm a gamer and I completely disagree with this
Ch Pe
Ch Pe 5 dagen geleden
Most of the world is conceived using Linux.
burger king
burger king 5 dagen geleden
offscreen, Anthony points a Glock 18 at Linus's forehead
Juicee 6 dagen geleden
I thought this said "Why linus is better"
Retroflash 7 dagen geleden
me over here having that exact penguin plush
TheBestQuizSolutions 4U
TheBestQuizSolutions 4U 7 dagen geleden
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="286">4:46</a> Great way to advertise your bottle Linus.
khaled shakally
khaled shakally 7 dagen geleden SUSPICIOUS
Abhishek Maurya
Abhishek Maurya 7 dagen geleden
Even ISS runs Linux
Baby Whale Crypto
Baby Whale Crypto 8 dagen geleden
The thing I hate most about linux is distro hopping every few years because the distro I love has changed too much, got abandoned, on the dev team decided to go in a totally new direction that I really dislike. This has happened to me with so many distros.
gilkesisking 6 dagen geleden
@Baby Whale Crypto You beat me by 5 years. Still sounds like you're describing every single piece of tec or software ever made/written. You could have stayed with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, that thing is still supported. Just saying.
Baby Whale Crypto
Baby Whale Crypto 6 dagen geleden
@gilkesisking Dude, I've ONLY been using linux/unix exclusively for the last 24 years, so I'm describing Linux.
gilkesisking 7 dagen geleden
Sounds like you're describing Windows or MacOS to be honest. That's the nature of tec, its always moving forward.
Noah Craig
Noah Craig 8 dagen geleden
Why did flash on the screen at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="651">10:51</a> ?
Frank Frank
Frank Frank 8 dagen geleden
The best thing about Linux is that it is not Window$.
Quin_F150 8 dagen geleden
so if i want to build a gaming computer to maybe do some streaming and all of that, would linux be better? and to use Linux u pretty much have to have some sort of coding knowledge? or would windows be easier better for what i want to do?
gilkesisking 8 dagen geleden
You can do it on either OS. An all AMD build would be better for Linux. Both systems have OBS. If you're building yourself just buy two hard drives and install Windows AND Linux. Best of both worlds.
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